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Goddess Brighton brings you the curse of Enchantrix enchanted forest, part of the Locktober Halloween blog train! 1-800-601-6975

Welcome to the 2023 Locktober Halloween blog train! If you missed any of our train stops, start at the Giantess cave with Miss Constance and hop on board. Our last stop was chastity hospital with Mistress Tia. And now, we’re going to venture down the path of a hopeful man with a desperate wish, in The Curse Of Enchantrix Enchanted Forest.

The Curse Of Enchantrix Enchanted Forest

Brian had a small cock, and while his girlfriends never complained, his sex life was sub par, and many of his exes had admitted that at one point or another they’d had lovers with big cocks and had multiple orgasms from skilled sex partners. However in Brian’s world he’d never made a woman cum without using his tongue or adding a vibrator to sex play. His current girlfriend when asked, told him her last boyfriend made her squirt just from penetration. She had never squirted with him.

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A Visit To Enchantrix Enchanted Forest

Locktober rolled around, and one day he came home and received a strange envelope in the mail. The envelope was orange, had only his name on it, and was slightly weighted. Brian frowned, taking the envelope inside, there was no return address, just his name, so he opened it cautiously. Inside was a copper coin with a strange sigil on it, and a small note card that read: Bring this coin to the Enchantrix enchanted forest, at midnight sharp. Do not be early. Do not be late.  On the back of the notecard was the name of a crossroads: Enchantrix and Vinecult. There was no date and no other directions. Brian looked at the time and saw that it was almost 11pm. When he typed in the coordinates to enchantrix and vinecult, the gps said it would take him approximately 40 minutes to get there by car. He looked at the time once more and decided to drive out to the intersection alone.

A Ride Into The Unknown

As Brian drove down the quiet country road to the crossroads, he realized he’d never been to this part of the country. There were no familiar markings, and there was an eery fog building, the closer he got to his destination. Slowing down so he could see better and watch out for any roaming animals, he looked at his phone and gps, he had 10 minutes longer before he reached Enchantrix lane. The fog grew thicker and the air around him became heavy. Finally he saw the clear name on the street sign, that he’d reached the intersection. Brian stepped out of his car, and upon locking it, could hear the high pitched giggling of someone, or something.

Into The Enchanted Forest

The clock on his phone struck midnight, and Brian looked up at the intersection. Where there had been a sign before, there was now none, and before him he could see an expanse of trees. He walked toward it, and no sooner than he took a step, he was surrounded by forest, the fog lifting slightly to reveal a hooded figure leaning against a large oak tree, a few feet from him. Moving toward the figure, he could make out two other people, both women, blonde as blonde could be, and wearing tight pink dresses and mary jane shoes. And giggling even louder.

The Mystical Forest Fairy

“Hello..” Brian began, “I’m not sure if you’re who I’m supposed to meet, but I got this card and this coin-” The hooded figure lifted her head and smiled at him, before looking back down at her nails. “So you’re here to have a wish granted then yes?” she purred in a pleasant voice. Brian relaxed a little upon hearing her voice, and nodded, “well I guess I am, yes.” The woman removed her hood, revealing long wavy brown hair, and fiery green eyes that twinkled as she spoke. “I’m The Christmas Fairy to most..” One of the bubbly, giggling blondes blurted, “but it’s not Christmas, Mistress!… though I’m not even sure what day it is, I’m just a dumb sissy bimbo!” The other blonde giggled and spoke, “Mistress is the forest fairy today.. isn’t that right Mistress?”  The woman nodded, and proceeded to swat both the blondes with a whip she pulled from under her robe. “Quiet both of you.” She turned to Brian, “yes… while it’s not Christmas, that is normally the time I take so- ah… grant wishes, and these two are my… assistants.” Taking a deep breath she continued, “so you want to please your girlfriend and your little cock is too small to satisfy her?”

SPH In The Enchanted Forest

He blushed red, and stammered, “h-how did…” and then recovered himself, “yes… I would like my cock to be bigger. My girlfriend is used to more well endowed men, and I’ve never been able to make her cum during sex.” More giggling from the blonde sissies, and a stifled chuckle from the forest fairy. “Very well, pull your pants down, let’s see the offending nub.” He balked, “here?? in front of..”  One of the blondes spoke up, “we’ve seen little cocklets before Brian, as a matter of fact I used to have one!” A loud pop and yelp later, the blonde quieted down, “that’s enough, Danielle, or I will send you back to Stepford for more sissy stepford wife programming.” She turned to Brian, “what my pets were meaning to say, is that it’s alright, they have seen penises before, and you have my permission to show us.” Brian hesitated, and then finally pulled down his pants, to show the forest fairy his goods. Both sissies immediately started giggling again uncontrollably, and even The Forest Fairy, let out a laugh. “Oh goodness, that is very small! Come here and let me have a closer look.”

Small Dick Transformation

No sooner than he stepped closer, the fairy Mistress reached out, grabbing his small cock. It immediately began throbbing, and her hand got warm… uncomfortably warm. Brian cried out as his legs began to shake, but when he tried to pull away her fiery hand held fast, locked on his cock. Brian shrieked as she reached for his balls next, and squeezed. Then, everything went black. When Brian came to, he was back in his own house, in his bed, tucked away neatly under the covers. Brian jumped out of bed and looked out the window. His car was still parked as if he’d never left the house. He yawned and stretched uncontrollably, and then, he felt something was quite different… and raced to the bathroom. He turned on the light and looked in the mirror, sure enough, his dick was now three times its original size, and quite girthy. “What the…. holy!!!” he screamed staring in disbelief.

From Small Penis Humiliation To Big Dick Wonder

“It’s impressive isn’t it?” Brian’s face turned white as a sheet when he heard her voice behind him. “Wh- what did… how did-” The Forest Fairy sighed, “oh come on now don’t be boring…” she reached around and grabbed his cock, stroking it, and he instantly became hard. “Wait….” She placed a hand over his mouth, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “Shhhhh…. it’s okay. Call your girlfriend, and go have fun.” As quickly as she came she was gone, Brian standing there with a huge hard on, he took her advice and did just that. For the first time in years, not only was Brian’s cock big enough to satisfy a woman, but he gave his girlfriend several satisfying orgasms, much to her surprise and his. Both of them collapsed on the bed exhausted, his girlfriend didn’t even seem curious to question how he suddenly grew a dick. They both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, when Brian awoke, his girlfriend had left for work, and he once again felt strange. He reached down under the covers to check his new cock, and felt something hard and metal. Racing to the bathroom once more, Brian turned on the light, to find his new cock locked, in a gold plated chastity cage.

Locktober Phone Sex Halloween Blog Train 2023

The Curse Of Enchantrix Locktober

There was another orange envelope, sitting on his night table. Ripping the envelope open, there was no gold coin this time, but another note that read: “I may have forgotten to mention last night, that there are conditions to your new cock size. You are only free from chastity, from midnight to three A.M. At 3am your big dick will cease to get hard or be able to cum. And at sunrise every morning, the cage will be restored. If you wish to be free from chastity, you must return to the forest, on Friday The 13th, when the veil between realms is thinner. If you wish to keep full use and size of your cock, you must enter deep into the enchanted forest on midnight of Friday The 13th, and petition the Forest witch, who is the only one who can lift the curse. If you fail to make it in time, you will be locked in chastity forever.”

Locktober Means Chastity For All

Brian was horrified. He tried picking the lock, but the lock pick melted. He tried calling an emergency locksmith, but not only did the locksmith laugh at him, none of his tools worked on the metal. There was only one thing he could do, and that’s when he realized that not only would he have to go back to the forest on Friday The Thirteenth… but upon looking at his calendar, Friday the 13th… was tomorrow.

What Will Brians Locktober Fate Be?

Hope you liked the story and you’ve been enjoying our Locktober Halloween blog train festivities! If you would like to chat with me, give me a call at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton Let’s spin a sexy spooky roleplay just for you. If you want to know what happens to Brian, or if he gets free, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, and read Duchess Willow’s blog: Friday The Fuckteenth. She’s your next stop on the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest Halloween blog train!


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