Spring is here, and summer will be fast approaching, so I want to make sure you’re staying healthy and getting plenty of loads of protein… STARTING WITH YOUR OWN! If you’re interested in cum gargling training, stick around and be the bestest cum slut ever!

Cum Gargling Training

Simply put, cum gargling training is a step up from cum eating. You’re not just going to eat your cum for me, you’re going to hold that cum load in your mouth and savor the flavor of dick breath. Why would anyone do this? My top cum eaters and cock milk loving sluts slurp up their loads without needing to be prodded. I snap my fucking fingers and they gulp it down! They’ve taken cum baths, eaten cum covered food and saved cum cubes for showing off for me later. So best believe if you want to be one of the best, you’ve gotta learn how to use your cum as mouthwash! You’ve heard of oil pulling, now try CUM PULLING.

coached cum eating

Don’t you wish you looked this hot guzzling your creamy load? Call me for coached cum eating and cum gargling training! 1-800-601-6975

Cum Eating Cum Gargling 2.0

Obviously you need to be a good little cum eating bitch for me, and perform at acceptable levels of depravity for my benefit. If you’re one of those needy, whiny subs who doesn’t like to do what they’re told, chances are I will get very bored with you, VERY QUICKLY. You want emotional labor? I WANT CUM LABOR! That means I want you lapping up that jizz any time, any where, whenever I command.

Cum Gargling Humiliation For Dick Breath Losers

Is it really humiliation because a cum eater willingly takes it in the face for me, or is it humiliation because you’re doing something fucking disgusting that people would twist their faces at, and would normally cause a person extreme public embarrassment? It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re excited by the thrill of doing so, for me. And since we’re talking about doing humiliating things for me, cum gargling is a no brainer, and you have no brain to make such decisions for yourself. So what I say goes. You’re nothing. No one would ever fuck you. And you’re my bitch. So as my bitch I demand cum gargling be a part of your servitude for me.

Cum Gargling Training with Goddess Brighton. Coached Cum Eating 1-800-601-6975

Cum Gargling Training – The More Humiliating The Better

Now of course we can do this on the phone, but I do prefer to be able to see you being a filthy little cum piggy and making sure I put you to task.Want to level up your cum gargling training even more? Add a second Mistress to our session this month and get a discount on 20 minute two mistress phone sex calls or add the discount to a longer call. Could you imagine the embarrassment of having to gargle and eat your cum for two or more Mistresses while we laugh at you and comment on your pathetic lot in life? I can!

Coached Cum Eating And Cum Gargling Phone Sex

If you’re ready to be my little dick breathed cum gargling loser bitch, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Don’t forget to ask me about custom audios and remember you can also do text sessions on skype!



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