Captured Slave

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There are days when you can faintly remember what it was like before your sissy transformation. Sometimes you have dreams about the man you used to be, and shed a single tear as you fitfullly toss and turn in your sleep. What was your name? Brandon? Bradley? This place has walls that seem to move and shift, what was there a moment prior, giving way to something else that wasn’t there before. You used to be a macho man, you think to yourself. But then there are days like this, when being a sissy is all you know. You tend to your chores, service your wife’s every need, and entertain the guests. Your wife…. ah yes… You remember your wife, don’t you? And then that inkling of a memory returns: You were a macho man, and superior to women. Oh no, but that can’t be right, can it? Macho men don’t wear frilly sissy pink aprons, and crinkly panties, and suck their wife’s lovers cock, do they?

The Perfect Life

You had the picture perfect marriage. You were the CEO of a successful accounting firm; your wife was a high profile defense lawyer. You lived a comfortable existence. The big house, the dog, beautiful neighborhood. Then, seemingly out of nowhere your wife gets a proposition from another law firm, and a very nice bonus if she accepts. The position would take her out of state, if she accepted, and would mean you would either have to leave your cozy position at the accounting firm, or stay behind. A thought which unsettled you, being without your wife, so you gave in, and relocated to the new city.

A New Life In Stepford

The first thing you noticed, was that all the houses were identical, the new gated community you moved into. When you asked your wife, how she found out about this place, and the details about the “new job” she’d been offered, her answer was ambiguous and left you with a sense of foreboding.  This would not be the last time you noticed something different, about your wife’s behavior. More importantly, you would also begin to see that things were not nearly as cookie cutter perfect as they appeared to be.

The Husband’s Induction

Things had slowly begin to slide downhill for you, and your once perfect marriage. Your wife becoming distant, cold, distracted. The strange way the other wives would stare at you when you were coerced to attend yet another Stepford cocktail party or get together. And then there were the “husband” activities, that you were encouraged to attend. That may not have been the first sign, but it definitely was the strongest signal that something was terribly wrong. An all male aerobics class, where you had to wear a tight white tshirt, and pink 70’s style running shorts, with white piping. You felt so uncomfortable, yet the other men seemed so obedient. Willing even, to be made a spectacle of. But that wasn’t the worst part, no. It was your aerobics instructor that really gave you cause for alarm. “She” was dressed like a woman, but she didn’t exactly look like one.

A Weekend Discovery

After a bizarre turn of events, you decided to investigate what was really going on, and why the men here acted like brainwashed robots.  You would soon wish you hadn’t. It was the house of the tupperware party hostess, and wife of one of your new found male friends, but what was going on in there now, wasn’t anything you’d ever seen at a tupperware get together before. It was the sounds that set you off, at first, and then – as you crept up the stairs, trying not to make any noise – you saw it. It was Bill alright, but he was dressed up as a playboy bunny in all pink, and he was on his knees with his wife’s strap on cock in his mouth, while another younger, very hung gentlemen stood by, waiting his turn.

Blown Cover

You moved your foot, just a centimeter, and heard a loud thud behind you. Followed by a click and a whirring of gears, as “Bill” stopped sucking his wife’s dick and turned to look right at you. You tried to run, but it was no use. Mistress stood over you, big dildo dangling, her boy toy grabbing you from behind and knocking you unconscious.   When you awaken, you are strapped to an examination table. All of your clothes have been removed, and there’s a mirrored ceiling above your head. You cry out, when you see your reflection and realize that you’ve been waxed bare. All your body hair has been removed, even your head and eyebrows have been shaved.  “You found us out,” you hear a voice say, and you turn your head, to see the tupperware mistress standing by the exam table, with your wife, and ALL the other wives are there as well.

The End Of Your Macho Manhoodpassthepumpkin

They were all there to say goodbye to “Mr. Daniels” and complete your transformation, into a sissy Stepford wife. The person you thought was Bill – it is explained to you – was merely an experimental droid appropriately titled: Sissy Bimbo Doll 2.0. They tell you that your memory will be erased, and that you will have a chip inserted under your skin, that will control your every move, thought, and action. And that you too, will have a sissy bimbo doll replica of you made, especially for your wife’s use. Of course, when you awaken, you remember none of this. Your new long blonde sissy wig cascades over the shoulders of your pink, puffy sleeved, ruffled dress. Your mary jane pumps click clack down the hall, as you bring your wife and her newly appointed stud some refreshments out by the pool. Everyone is smiling at you, the women looking you over approvingly and congratulating your wife on her new “obedient” sissy Stepford wife.

“Will that be all, ma’am?” you stammer, in a high pitched, lilting voice. Your wife turning to look at you and smiling, “yes, Belinda. You may go back to your pink closet, now.”

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