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Strange things happen, when the Christmas fairy visits you, for the first time. Skipping happily down the hall for a late night snack, Trevor didn’t notice the spectacle by the fireplace. But on his way back to the bedroom, turning his head, that’s when he saw it, and dropped the plate of crackers and dip he was carrying. So startled was he, by what he saw when he glanced over at the living room fireplace.

That spectacle, being her.

It would be the first time he’d seen the woman in red, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. “Who are you??” he asked, “and how did you get into my home?”

She stood there, for a moment, surveying the look of shock on his face, her green eyes flashing bright red for a split second – much too quickly for him to think anything other than he’d imagined it. And then she lifted her head, and smiled.

“Hi Trevor.”

Trevor backed away from the entrance to the living room, snack forgotten. “H-how do you know my name?”

The slender brunette pushed off the mantle she was leaning against, gathering her long, wavy brown hair to one side, letting it hang over her shoulder. “You called me, Trevor,” she replied, “I only come to those who call me.”

He stared at her, slack jawed, in disbelief. If her casual demeanor and response weren’t off putting enough, her attire was certainly unsettling. Trevor register it at first – too stunned for his mind to process more than the fact that she was wearing a red, skin tight latex catsuit from head to toe, and matching boots that buckled at the calves.

But then he saw it – the thick, girthy appendage that jutted forth from the crotch of her rubber suit – and looked back up at her in horror.

“You could say I’m your fairy godmother,” she continued, when he didn’t respond, “but for all intents and purposes, I prefer to be called, The Red Fairy… or the Christmas Fairy, if you will.” The corners of her mouth curled upward into a feral smile, and the woman who called herself the red fairy, took a step forward.

Christmas Fairy

The Christmas Fairy

Stammering, Trevor backed up, nervously raking a hand through his thick, curly brown hair, and wanting to keep some distance between them. “I- I don’t know you, I didn’t call you, who are you??”

The lady in red crossed the room at light speed, standing face to face with Trevor before he could blink. Stumbling backwards with a shout, Trevor landed hard on his backside, with the red fairy looming over him, still smiling brightly.

“What are you?? How did you do that?!”

Laughing, the woman leaned forward, extending her hand to help him up. “I have been called many things,” she said, as Trevor took her hand, and she pulled him up with such force, that she nearly launched him into the ceiling. “I’ve had many names, and I’ve been worshiped by many a faithful follower for centuries. But you can call me Brighton, if that would make you more comfortable. And you DID call me. You just don’t remember.”

Trevor recoiled from the woman, observing how warm and soft her hands were, and the long, pointed red lacquered nails that adorned her fingers.

“However, that’s not important, now. I’m here to grant you three wishes, Trevor, as it is almost Christmas, and such is my custom. But I warn you…. these wishes come with a price. You can have anything you want, but once your wishes are granted, you….” she grabbed him by the collar of his pajamas, pulling him close until their noses were almost touching, and he could feel the heat of her mouth against his face, and see the flash of green in her eyes dance, as she spoke, “will belong… to me.”

His face crumpled in confusion. A fairy who can grant him wishes? Anything he wanted? Suddenly, the memories came flooding back. The debt he’d been paying off ; troubles at work; the fiance who left him for his boss. All of the problems he’d been having, she could make it all go away.

She watched him process her offer, with some amusement. “You doubt me, Trevor?” she asked, with a smirk. Stammering, Trevor did his best to answer her question, “I’ve never met, nor would I say I believe, in fairies.”

Waving her hand, a cloud of red smoke surrounded her, and she was gone from a hallway, a second later. Trevor looked around, shaking so badly from his encounter, and gripping the bannister tightly. Then he heard her voice, call to him from outside.

His heart racing, he inched his way toward the front door, gripping the brass handle, and turning slowly. He swung the door open, and his eyes went wide.

Before him, parked in his driveway, was a shiny new black BMW M3. The car he’d been lusting after. Brighton leaning back against the hood, with her shiny red legs crossed. “You like?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

He nodded, gobsmacked.

“Do you want it?”

“Y-yes… I’ve wanted this car for ages.”

Just as quickly as she’d made the car appear, she was gone. Materializing behind him, he felt her presence, and turned around.

“Then that will be your first wish.”

Her hand shot out, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him back inside, to the living room. Trevor didn’t struggle, he knew that even if he tried, this fairy goddess would overpower him. And as she pulled him to the back of the couch, and draped him over its edge, it was then, that he understood.

Her long red fingernails were cool to the touch, as she hooked them under the waistband of his pajamas, pulling them down. He felt something warm and slick, between his cheeks, and then…. he felt her “magic wand” probing his entrance.

“Remember, Trevor,” she said, as the tip pushed past rings of tight muscle, and a moan escaped his lips, “you belong to me now. And everything has a price…”

She chuckled softly, urging her hips forward and allowing him to acclimate himself to the feeling of being stretched. Reaching forward, she slipped her hand under his pajama top, gliding her nails along his back, while her other hand tightly gripped his waist, and whispered, “enjoy your new car, pet.”

With one quick movement, thrusting forward, and filling him with her “Christmas fairy cock.”


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