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Get To Know Mistress Brighton

I had to think about what would best describe me. My personality, what type of mistress I am, and one word that came to mind is “boisterous.” I’m very fun loving, playful, goofy at times, but one thing I enjoy about my personality, is that I’m the type of mistress who will have you doing things you never saw coming. And let’s be frank (you can be Frank, I’ll be Brighton): You won’t be coming either, in some instances. I like silly jokes, dirty jokes, farcical comedy, and I have a wicked sense of humor. I love horror and sci fi ; I’m a huge fan of “Penny Dreadful,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Hannibal,” to name just a few, and one of my favorite movies is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, because I have a major crush on Gary Oldman. I also have a multi-faceted personality, and depending on which mood you catch me in, you may experience me in rare form on some occasions. I’m full of surprises, but I promise you I’m not “Sybil”…. unless you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

Say It With A Smile

I consider myself to be a sensual, yet playful mistress. I do not yell or scream, as I much prefer to keep it soft and sultry. Besides, all that screaming is bad for a lady’s voice, and I shan’t do anything that would jeopardize my sexy pipes.  I much prefer purring in your ear, my sweet, seductive voice, with the note of the smile playing on my lips, as I bend you over my knee and have my way with your cheeks. Or the naughty, sensual tease, who knows you’re not allowed to cum, so she brings home a shopping bag full of brand new lingerie and heels, and saunters past you, wickedly, with a grin on my face as I glide into, and out of view. I like keeping you on the edge, and making you so hot, and frustrated that you can’t think straight. It’s no fun for me if I can’t taunt and tease you….

As I said above I’m more of a sensual mistress, than a mean one. But I can be strict, and if you’re disobedient you may find there’s a lot more behind the smile and the sweet voice than you bargained for; I can be bratty and mischievous and have you eating out of my hands, and begging for release, and there is much, much more, I could do to you, and with you, when the urge strikes me. I’m very spoiled, and I like being spoiled and pampered, and have no issue apprising you of such. Gifts and treats for me, may not guarantee that you get to cum, but they will ensure that your Mistress is well taken care of while she continues her delicious torment of your loins.

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Miss Brighton puts you under her spell. 1-800-601-6975

Other Important Things you should know about Mistress Brighton

I love chocolate! I love eating it, and I love chocolate scented soaps, candles, perfumes… I’m a self proclaimed chocoholic. As for everything else, take a look at my wishlist, to get an idea of the things that I like.

Make The Choice If You Dare

Do you think you can handle a Mistress who giggles while she toys with you, and enjoys being treated like a Queen? I know that not every Mistress is going to be the right fit, for every sub, but if you’re curious, call me and let’s chat, and see what your points of interest are, and if they match with mine.

 My Other Blogs

I have two other blogs that I run aside from this one, which is my main blog. TheCuckoldLife.com caters to cuckolding fantasies, with a touch of other fetishes implemented, such as cum eating or small penis humiliation, just to name a few. And SploshingPhoneSex.com is my new blog specifically for sploshing, erotic food play, food fetishes, wet and messy, and of course, there are other topics that can be interlaced with food play, such as: cum eating, bdsm, and also some forms of humiliation!

I’m also a blogger and Mistress on one of our new sites: Virtual World Phonesex which is a blog for our SL services at Enchantrix Empire. Curious? Here’s an animated clip from one of my inworld sessions:


Check out Enchantrix Empire on second life! 1-800-539-4566

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about all your dirty little kinks. 1-800-601-6975