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Sensual teasing with a sadistic Mistress is my own personal journey in Femdom phone sex, where I reflect on how my journey at LDW started, with a smile, and a wicked mind, and I am realizing that I may have led several of you on, to thinking I was one of those sensual Mistresses… you know the ones, the soft dommes that make all your girlfriend dreams come true? Well I am a dream maker, and I am soft, but not in application. So I would just like to say… I’M NOT SORRY! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sensual Teasing With A Sadistic Mistress

My very first blog post on Enchantrix Tease was sensual teasing with a playful Mistress. Now 8 years later, I’m still a tease, I just know more and therefore am firmer in my boundaries as to what I will and will not do, and I know more about what I want and what’s important to me. So I’m going to share this with you. Femdom has a wicked learning curve and we never truly stop learning. It’s important to have boundaries on both sides, or someone could get hurt, mentally or physically. So you absolutely want to explore with someone who gives a sh** about your safety and wellbeing as well as their own. But you must also know, that there are those of us who enjoy a darker, much more cruel and sadistic, and humiliating play. And guess what? There’s nothing fucking wrong with that.

Some Men Enjoy The School Of Hard Knocks And I’m Happy To Oblige Them

Do I still enjoy teasing you sensually, and getting inside your head and mindfucking you? Yes, absolutely. But I also enjoy more hardcore Domme-y things like beating the crap out of men and laughing at them while they humiliate themselves for me and obviously also humiliating big cock cuckolds. I enjoy inflicting pain on submissives who like pain. I enjoy making you do things you either wouldn’t normally do or have never done. Mostly I like to have fun, and I like to laugh. And I will admit that often I take Femdom quite literally, because I enjoy digging my heels in. To your bare flesh. I make no apologies for that either.

Extreme Control And Domination Is Going To Be Painful

Someone once made me really annoyed at them, because they wanted me to take control, but wouldn’t tell me what they meant by that. Let me be clear that I’m not going to play guessing games with you. You either tell me by using your goddamn words, what it is you want, or we do what I want and you suck it up. When I wrote my micromanaging assignments blog, I had in mind someone who really wanted me to take control. Of your every breath, of every moment of your life carefully planned out in painful detail. And any diversion from that regime, means a painful punishment for you. I will give you an example at the end of this blog, but just know this: Do not ask me to take control if you’re a weak little pansy bitch. Because I will make you fucking cry. And I will probably laugh while doing it. That sort of control isn’t for the likes of you that are bratty and whine about having to do as your told. Speaking of bratty subs…

Does Miss Brighton Like Bratty Subs?

Yes actually! But not you “I don’t want to do it” or “you have to make me do it” or “command me to do xyz” type of bratty subs. You guys can fuck off. There is nothing fun, or sexy to me, about subs who top from the bottom. I like bratty in the sense that you’re witty, entertaining, and know how to develop a relationship with a Mistress where we both can have a laugh ultimately at your expense. Obviously I can’t reach through the goddamn phone and shove your head in a garbage can while sodomizing you with a terrycloth slipper. No dumbass you’re going to have to take direction! General rule of thumb is this: I’m a bratty Mistress, you are not allowed to be brattier than I am, and therefore your obedience is a top priority, and mandatory behavior.

Playing Safe And Remembering That You’re a Human Being

Well duh! Do you think I lecture you fuckwits about not being stupid for my health? This is why many of us tell you, when you say – “I don’t have limits, I’m into anything” – NO YOU’RE FUCKING NOT! I promise you, you have limits. I’m not referring to those who like their limits pushed, either. If you don’t have limits and boundaries then I have no interest in playing with you. Point blank. I will not compromise my own mental health and wellbeing because you don’t want to talk about your boundaries. Safety will always be first, no matter how high pitched your screams of pain get when I’m having my way with you!

The Scary World Of The Fairy Princess Domme

If you do decide to be my personal bitch, I will do my very best to make sure you have an enjoyable time. Just remember, if something or someone is not a good fit (because they’re just not, or they don’t fit the imaginary script in your head), that’s okay. We have a lot of talented ladies here that want to help you and help you have a good time. When you’re ready to begin your wacky Femdom journey, just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton.


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