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Well woweee what a month it’s been huh? We’ve had a long trip on this Monster’s Ball Blog Train and it’s almost over. Your last stop was Mistress Harper’s Tentacle Sex and Cum Inflation at the Monsters Ball. You only have ONE more stop after this, and all you have to do is survive, right? Riiiiiight. If you made it to the end of October and you missed any of the posts, start with Mistress Cassidy and then meet me back here! When we last left our snooping friend in the haunted powder room, he had gotten the fright of his life when a sticky syrup covered woman dropped on his head. So why don’t we double back to the haunted powder room and find out just WHAT happened.

The Monster’s Ball Mistress Machine

“Do you wish to give yourself as tribute?”  The room was pitch black, save for candles reflecting something oozing down the cavern walls. He looked up, shaking, “I’m sorry, where am I?” The woman lunged at him and shouted, “Do you wish to give yourself as tribute!!!” Scrambling backwards, his hands sinking into sticky ooze that covered the walls and floor. The smell of sugary sweet confections was overpowering. She bared her razor sharp teeth at him and hissed. “Please,” he begged, “yes I will do whatever you want just please don’t- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAARRRGGHH!”

“What are you doing in here? This room is for Mistresses and those with express permission only.”  He looked up seeing the tan, slim brunette, wearing a pink satin corset and boots. Her hair tumbling past her shoulders. Looking down, he found himself crouched on the floor in the corner, where he’d seen… His eyes shot up to the ceiling. No syrup, no dripping, no more horrifying ooze woman. But… He stared at the Mistress as she waited for an answer. She looked just like… well maybe not just like, but, the resemblance was uncanny.

“I’m very sorry, I was nervous and I came up here to compose myself, and I saw-”

“Well get your ass up now and come with me. Because if the other Mistresses find you up here I can’t be certain you won’t end up in a sling, or a bottle, or worse.”  He jumped up too quickly, and felt a wave of dizzyness wash over him. “You alright? You better not ralph on these carpets!”  He shook his head, “I’m fine, now. I just saw something and I think I may have blacked out.” The Mistress arched an eyebrow. “Super hot naked weird girl covered in syrup?”

He paused, “yes. How did you know?”

The brunette smirked, “I’ll tell you that later, come on. Why don’t you tell me about yourself and how you ended up at the Monster’s Ball.”

I am your hell

Who Is The Mystery Monster’s Ball Syrup Lady?

He found himself at ease with the brunette, as they walked and she snuck him back downstairs without being seen. It had already been a strange start to the night, so he decided not to ask about the strange mechanical heart in the hollow of her corset, that whirred and clicked as she walked. But he did tell her everything else. Why he came here, what he was hoping to accomplish, and how he thought he was done for when the scary Femdom ghoul dropped from the ceiling. Quickly becoming enamored with his new Hostess, he bit back the urge to press her for answers to his questions. As he looked around the ball, he saw several things that he wouldn’t soon forget, but the mystery Domme and the mysterious sticky sweet demon Mistress, stayed at the forefront of his mind.

The Monster’s Ball Secrets

After chaperoning him and showing him around the ball, and introducing him to one Mistress nicknamed The Mad Scientist, another who had a talent for turning pain into pleasure with testicle torture, and handful of Female Dominants on hand for the event, they settled down in a quiet sitting area, sipping drinks, and divulging even more information about himself. “What is that ticking sound coming from your corset?” he blurted the question after 2 glasses of champagne, finally mustering the courage to ask. The Mistress turned to him, staring into his eyes and smiling sweetly. “It’s my heart.”

Mistress Machine Of The Damned Ex Machina

“There are still parts of me that are human,” she offered, sipping her own drink, still smiling. “But my sister and I were in a terrible accident involving a vat of liquid sugar candy at the bakery. She didn’t survive, I did, but not without extensive surgery and robotic implants.” Lifting up her hand, she pulled her glove off, revealing wired, glowing digits. Her hand spun around on her wrist suddenly, giving him his second fright of the evening. “I hope that won’t change your feelings for me… knowing that I’m half android.” Shocked, but even more intrigued, he shook his head, “no! You look amazing, so real I… Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, that was stupid.”  The Mistress Machine shrugged, “it’s okay I’m not offended, there are perks to being a bionic Mistress after all.”

Femdom Mistress Machine

“What kind of things?” he asked, ogling her with fascination. The Mistress machine grinned, “well… my sex life is 1000 times better than it was when I was human, and I have very little need for food or sleep. I still enjoy food and drinks… I just don’t really need them.” Putting her satin glove back on, she placed a hand on his knee, a serious expression on her face. “My sploshing phone sex twin sometimes appears on Halloween, to men who wander into the powder room without an escort. You’re lucky I came in when I did, or…”

“Or??” he asked, eyes wide. Taking a deep breath of mechanical air, she continued, in a hushed tone. “Sometimes she takes things. Never a whole, but things. Fingers, toes, other parts… and makes special candy with them!” He shook his head horrified, “but you said she..”  The Mistress nodded, “she’s not with us, but her spirit haunts this place, and sometimes she bakes cakes and cookies and candies, and leaves them for the guests by the milking booth.”

Stunned silence passed between them, before she continued, “I’m afraid that because you got away, she will be searching for you. There’s only one way to keep you safe.”

“Really??” He asked, “what is it?”

Sweets To The Sweet For Mistress Machine

“I will have to take you as my own submissive. But there is one small catch.”  Leaning in, the Robot Mistress stuck out her tongue, licking the side of his face. “You are going to have to fuck me, in the powder room, and offer your sperms as tribute, before passing ownership to me.” His face crumpled, she looked serious, “you… want to have sex with me???”

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed excitedly, “I have a sensory error in my programming, and so I can’t always smell things, but when I do.. let’s just say you smell delicious, and things that smell good, really get my gears all hot and bothered. But if we’re gonna do this, we better hurry before the clock strikes midnight. I won’t be able to stop her after that.”

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Grabbing his hand, they raced back upstairs to the powder room. He couldn’t believe his luck. Not only would he be owned by a bionic Mistress Machine, but she wanted to actually fuck him!  Locking the door behind them, they began kissing passionately. “Ohhh… hurry hurry, take your clothes off.” He fumbled yanking off his jacket and unbuckling his pants. Once naked, she pushed him down on the carpet and stood over him, undoing her ruffled skirt and panties and tossing them to the side. A golden glowing light radiated from between her legs as she straddled him. He couldn’t see much as the light blinded him, but soon felt the warmth of her golden cookie surrounding him. He could barely contain his excitement, as she rode him to ecstasy. Tossing wildly and putting her hands up to her head. “Oh… Oh!!! Oh yes fucker that’s it! That’s it!”

Suddenly the clicking and whirring got louder, and he heard a hiss, and a drip.. drip… drip.. behind him. Fearing her twin would get him he frantically cried out, “yes… yes I give myself to you!” There was a white hot flash of light, and then everything fell silent. Opening his eyes, he looked around and found that The Mistress Machine’s golden cookie had transported him to a white room, with no doors or windows. He looked down, and he was wearing a white tee shirt and matching white drawstring pants. Terrified, he jumped to his feet and began running to and fro to find a way out of the white room.

“Hello, my pet. Welcome to your new home.”

The Mistress Machine Trap

“What is this place?” he called out, “where are you?”

“This will take some getting used to, but you are part of me now, and my twin will never be able to find you in here.”  Frantic, he ran around some more, pressing his hands against the cool, blank white interior. Circuits appeared, spreading over the walls outlined in blue. It felt like smooth plastic and glowed like the inside of a…. computer. “You are now my virtual assistant, I’ve given you the name freddy. Whenever I call on you, you must do as I say, when I say.”

“But HOW!” he screamed, “my… I was just fucking you and-”

“Yes. Yes you were fucking me, freddy, but now you are no longer human either. Your body has been derezzed, and your consciousness now exists inside my operating mainframe. So your first task for me, I need you to pull up the history of the Monster’s Ball archives, and familiarize yourself with those files.”

“I’m not doing anything!” he yelled angrily, “I’m alive and I demand you let me out of here now!”  His demands were met with laughter. “I’m sorry freddy, but I’m afraid I can’t do that. And now, I think it’s time, for you to learn how things work around here.”

There was a blip and a flash, and once again the walls were smooth and white. He screamed for someone, anyone, but no one answered.

The Monster’s Ball Was Almost Over

The ballroom was filled with Dommes and subs, and sissies and gimps in suits. Mistress Brighton walked through greeting guests, smiling like spring sunshine and dancing with the other Mistresses. One of which stopped her to ask, “hey, where’s that guy you were talking to a while ago?”  She smiled shaking her hips, “oh he’s in orientation now and has been for the past 6 months.” The other Mistress was confused, “months? It’s only been about an hour!” As they danced and laughed, Mistress Brighton said, “I sped up his os log so that time would move faster in there…” she opened a panel just underneath her mechanical heart, revealing a white screen, and a man rocking back and forth in the corner of a white room. The other Mistress grinned, “gave you a hard time about being a virtual Mistress assistant did he?” Both women laughed. Swaying to the music, she said, “I’ll check on him in another hour. By then he’ll be begging to do ANYTHING I ask him to.”  The women danced a while longer, switching partners from time to time with their goo goo eyed male subs. Somewhere locked in circuitry, a new virtual assistant had given up protesting, and awaited its first task.

A Monster’s Ball Trap And An Amazing Month Long Halloween Celebration

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Mistress Brighton


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