2 Mistress Calls

2 Mistress Calls with Alyssa & Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I have to say, me and Alyssa have been having a lot of fun lately, doing 2 mistress calls. For some strange reason, no matter what has happened this month, we seem to be getting paired up ever since Masturbation May started, and I’m certainly not complaining. After all, Alyssa is my partner in crime and there’s no such as too much fun, right?

2 Mistress Calls With A Brunette And A Blonde

What could happen? I know you’re wondering, and perhaps you’re curious about what kind of calls myself and Alyssa have been tag teaming on? Well let’s see: There was that one naughty sissy in the pink frilly panties that we had to take turns spanking. And there was that other pathetic little puppy slut I like to call triple B who just adores embarrassing himself for us. And there was a dirty cum slut that called us and wanted to be turned into a jizz addict…. which isn’t hard when you’re in the company of two mischievous dominas who enjoy making you eat your load.  That’s just a sampling of the types of calls we’ve been getting, but that’s hardly all of them.

Join Us And Celebrate Twice As Much Masturbation Fun

I may be holding out just a wee bit of information. You see, at the beginning of the month I did a steamy… HOT call with Alyssa and ooh! I’m still tingling all over from the naughty things we did to each other on that call. I mean just look at her! So sexy. So I was thinking about how I’d love to encourage even more naughty debauchery with me and Alyssa, by offering a 2 mistress call special from now til the end of Masturbation May, if you call us.  Simply put, do a two mistress call with Alyssa and I for 10 minutes or more, and get 5 minutes free! That means a 15 minute, 2 mistress for the price of a 10 min. call, 20 minutes for the price of 15… you get the idea. And THEN, maybe when you call us, we’ll tell you all about our session that left my thighs quivering and Alyssa hitting those lovely high notes. But you only get all the juicy details, if you call. 1-800-601-6975 is the number to call and ask for Alyssa & Brighton, and tell them you’re calling for the 5 minutes free promo. We can’t wait to hear from you!