two mistress small penis humiliation

Two Mistress Small Penis Humiliation Phonesex with Mistress Brighton and Mistress Annabelle 1-800-601-6975

Because honestly you’re looking more like Pinnochia, get it? A puppet pump slut that might as well have a pussy. I had a delightful first time two Mistress small penis humiliation phone sex call with Mistress Annabelle the other night, which entailed both of us humiliating a little bitch I like to call Miss Pinnochia. Why? Miss Pinnochia’s poor excuse for a fucking penis can fit effortlessly into a women’s size six pink panties, and she even has a “tiny pee pee” song!

Two Mistress Small Penis Humiliation

Miss Pinnochia the tiny dick wonder, embarrassed herself last night, firstly, because she can’t hold a camera for jack shit, so Annabelle and I were laughing about that. And then Annabelle called Miss P’s “thing” resembled some sort of sea worm called the penis fish, and it very quickly went downhill from there. Between me singing my monster’s inc parody titled: PUT THAT FUCKING THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME, and Annabelle chiding Miss P for wishing she really WAS pinnochio so her angry inch needle would grow if he told a lie. I don’t think I stopped laughing for the entire duration of that call.

The One Inch Sea Urchin That Couldn’t

To add insult to shortcomings, the little worm insisted on showing us his “little worm” and discussing such humiliating confessions like the fact that his body odor could kill every living plant from here to Arizona, and we also discussed Miss P being uncut, and such rousing topics as “dick smell” (insert loud wretching sounds, here ______). In short, Miss P is a disgusting dickless attention whore, and I told her to just ship herself off to the nearest surgeon and have them stitch together a pussy and be done with it. I royally enjoyed my two mistress small penis humiliation session with Mistress Annabelle, and I’m glad she was riding in the passenger seat with me, for what I can only describe as eye bleach inducing horror.

Two Mistress SPH Sessions

Do you have a tiny little sea urchin in your pants that you need humiliating commentary on? I invite you to hop on board the SHORT train, as in short diclet… so small I left off the k. Call me and Annabelle at 1-800-601-6975. I guarantee you when we’re done with you, you will feel even smaller than you are now. Possibly inverted even.


Mistress Brighton