sissy humiliation

Sissy Humiliation with Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

There are some sissies that love to be coddled and fussed over. And then there’s MY sissies… I have made it very clear that my main function as a sissy bitch trainer, is to subjugate and humiliate you. And for those of you who understand this, you get off on the fact that you know how ridiculous you look; you know you are neither man nor anything even remotely close to a woman, but you enjoy being mocked and laughed at, and made to do embarrassing tasks. Of course I’m going to reward you for making a fool of yourself, by further humiliating you with a strapon fucking right up your ass pussy.

Sissy Humiliation With A Mistress Who Enjoys Your Pain

Let’s face it, no real man would let a woman degrade him while he’s wearing pink frilly panties. You’re not a real man, never will be, and you enjoy being degraded and treated like a freak, because you know you are a freak. If you’re crying right now and think I’m being mean, lemme ask you something: Before you started your pathetic blubbering about how mean I am… did you dick get hard? Mhm.. that’s exactly what I thought… BITCH.

Sissy Degradation Of The Dark And Twisted Sort

As long as you continue to get a boner from it, you will continue to seek out sissy mistreatment and humiliation. You will seek out mean Mistresses who will laugh at you and verbally destroy anything that resembles self esteem. And we all know you don’t have any of that, why else would you be calling to be humiliated for wearing ruffled dresses and pink socks. However, I must inform you that I am not a mean Mistress… *snortlaugh* or at least one that you’d be able to walk away from without waddling afterward. If you inspire me, I will drag you down the path of self debasement, and continuously remind you that men wearing rumba panties and pigtails is like putting perfume on a pig. Ohhh look you just pitched a tent again. You know what that means, pick the phone up and call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. It’s time for you to come to terms with your addiction.



Goddess Brighton