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Masturbation May is here! Celebrate with Mistress Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Wowzers this month snuck up on me! So I have some exxxxcellent news for all of you. The first is that I have a Masturbation May 2022 animated gooning calendar available in the store, and it’s also time for our annual masturbation may blog train!

Masturbation May 2022 Animated Gooning Calendar

Don’t worry if you’re not starting on May 1st, this calendar is designed for gooning pornosexuals for a 30 day period, so you can start now or use it for any month you like. If you buy this calendar in the first week of May, my insane sadistic suggestion is that you double up on days until you are caught up to the current day. That should be fun right? Fun for me when I get an email from you begging for release. Muahahaha! As you know I enjoy cock control, tease and denial, cock and ball torment, and edging and gooning until you’re stupid in the head and crazy horny. I also like chaos. *snortlaugh*

Join the blog train and edge that cock for us all month long. 1-800-601-6975

Masturbation May 2022 Blog Train… With A Twist

Just to add a little razzle dazzle to your masturbation may festivities, we’re shaking things up and adding a twist to our blog train this year. We are doing masturbation may blog train takeovers! So on scheduled days, you will get a blog post, from a Mistress… but it’ll be a surprise who the blog is from! If you want to follow along with the blog join us on twitter and subscribe to my blog feed because a blog train post will be published here sometime this month…. you’ll have to wait to find out who it is!

Our Site Of The Month Is Edging Phone Sex!

Don’t stroke alone gooner, our site of the month is edging phone sex and YOU have plenty of reasons to call us and let us play with your cock.

More On The Animated Gooning Calendar

The calendar comes in pdf, mp4 and gif format. So you can print it out and pin it to your wall, on your fridge, in your bathroom, your cork board at work… kidding.. or am I? This calendar started out as a custom calender order for one of my addicted to gooning subs, and he loved it so much, and I was so happy with my work, that I decided to sell it in the assignment store. You get 30 days of teasing torment, and sadistic fairy Mistress style gooning instruction.

Bonus: If you purchase the gooning calendar, I will throw in 1 free 10 minute text session on skype or discord. Please email me to verify your purchase and confirm your session. That’s just in case your gooning gets so intense that you need a little one on one instruction, coaching, encouragment. But beware! You have to be prepared to do WHATEVER I tell you to do, for those 10 minutes in hell.. er… heaven?

masturbation affirmation

Miss Brighton’s fuck puppet training audio. 1-800-601-6975

Calls And Text Sessions During Masturbation May

If you need even more gooning and edging guidance, or you just want to humiliate yourself while I laugh at you, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. If you’re interested in a custom calendar or custom audio, email me at with details of what you’re looking for. Please don’t send walls of text unless you pay for an email package. They make me crazy. I’ll be on for calls today within 2 hours of this blog post. Have fun!


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