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Mean Giantess milking and shrinking with Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

I have a caller, who loves sardax, and also has a milking and shrinking kink. For me, and in all manner of running with scissors, I RAN with the idea of a mean Giantess, who enjoys playing with her toys. For that matter she gets a kick out of playing with her food, too. And maybe she’s a bit diabolical in that regard, because it’s not how she milks her subjects, but what she does to them after, that makes it so wicked!

Mean Giantess Milking Factory

Imagine for a moment, that you were once a normal sized man, who signed up for some scientific testing, at a private laboratory. You know nothing of the place, but they pay you very well in the name of science, so you figure, what the heck! Everything seems pretty easy at first, the head Femdom Doctor, tells you she wants you to watch porn, jerk off, and fill some vials with semen. Easy peasy right? At least until she reveals part II of testing. A big scary looking contraption that you will be locked into, and milked, for an indefinite amount of time. You’re starting to get nervous, but you agree to strip and hop into the magical dick jerker offer, and that’s where things go downhill.

Milking And Shrinking Torment

Not only does the machine milk you, it keeps you erect. And after every orgasm, the tube attached to your penis pump, draws up the sperm into a large tank behind your head. But wait… there’s more! In addition to coerced masturbation and coerced orgasms, you begin shrinking.. or is your Giantess Doctor getting bigger? As it turns out, BOTH of these things are happening. The Doctor reveals that her 5’7 height is modified, and she starts to grow to her full size, every full moon, unless she takes a powerful serum made from…. yep, male sperms. So as she begins to grow, you are indeed shrinking, but only a few inches. You never did notice the high ceilings did you?

But wait, there’s more? Okay you shrunk more than a few inches, and now a large hand scoops you up, and drops you into a clear cylinder with a rounded tip. As a matter of fact it looks a lot like a… hey wait a minute… It gets better! Or worse, depending on your outlook, the cylinder is filled with your collected spunk and then sealed shut, with you in it. So what to do? Well, if you don’t get out of there, someone’s going to have a REALLY  good time at your expense, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. However, if you would like to explore the possibilities of giantess domination and being a shrunken spunkin dildo man, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Giantess Brighton. Talk to you soon!


Mistress Brighton