walls of text

Goddess Brighton wants to hear from you, just don’t send walls of text. 1-800-601-6975

DISCLAIMER: If you’re one of those super sensitive butthurt types that gets offended and whiny, just click the X now, because I am in mean mistress mode and I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is not directed at anyone in particular, and there are exceptions to this rule if I’ve built a rapport with you. However if you know you do this and have a habit of doing this to Mistresses you don’t know, then this applies to you.

This is a subject that needs to be addressed and I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I loathe logging into my email, to find a wall of text, from someone who has 1. never done a session with me 2. hasn’t even bothered to fill out my pre-call questionnaire 3. expects me to stop everything I’m doing and read that wall of text with no compensation. Yep, I fucking said it, and now you’re gonna fucking eat it. So I have a few tips and a suggestion for anyone emailing me, and some rules and guidelines before contacting me. And most importantly why you DO NOT DO THIS. Because it’s disrespectful. So keep reading to avoid being an asshole.

Walls Of Text – The Bane Of My Existence

Lemme tell you something about men, okay? They want to be heard, and listened to, and believe me I get that. However I see a trend, of men assigning themselves to Mistresses they’ve never even spoken to, and then expecting said Mistresses to be their fetish dispensers, and treating femdoms like fucking robots and expecting us to cater to their every whim at the expense of our mental health and precious energy. And that is disrespectful as fuck. See Mistress Aftercare, among other gems of my blogging fancy.

I. DO NOT. MINCE. WORDS. fuckers. Sending me a wall of text – with no context – will insure that I don’t read your message.  Nope, won’t read it. I might glaze over the first five words but if you send a wall of text with no introduction or before asking, I fucking refuse. UNLESS you follow these guidelines.

Rules Of Engagement

  1. Fill out the pre-call questionaire.
  2. Keep your initial message short and to the point. I cannot stress the GET TO THE FUCKING POINT, enough. If you want to know if I do x y and z, just ask. If you want me to read your fantasy, keep it under a short paragraph, five sentences long is the limit. SHORT…. sentences, not a run on sentence that won’t get read.
  3. If you want to send long messages? Purchase an email package. My email packages are 5 emails for $6.00 and that will get you 5 emails up to 500 words, that will get read and replied to. More than 500 words, or if you want me to read your super long ass ramble? Email me for pricing on custom email packages.
  4. If you want someone to be YOUR Mistress, make sure you have permission from them first.
  5. If you tell me you have a quick question, that question better be one sentence long. Anything longer than one sentence is not a quick question, and I will not answer your “fake” quick question.

Emails And Instant Messaging

Some guys get off on being ignored. If you message me on skype, chances are very high that you will get ignored. I do not monitor skype, so use email or use discord, you will get a faster response. Now, if you WANT an ignore line call, I’d be super duper happy to take your call. *snortlaugh*  Now regarding the above, this applies to personal life as well.

Anyone who knows me outside of the kink realm, will tell you I prefer texting, and I prefer short and to the point. So unless I’m in session and you and I are doing a long an elaborate roleplay, or I’m telling you a story, I will probably throw a cantaloupe at you if you send me a wall of text and then badger me about reading it.

So do us both a favor, and be respectful and considerate, and make sure you’re not wasting time that could be spent elsewhere. Keep in mind that everyone thinks what they have to say, is way more important than it really is, so chances are you will get your questions answered if you follow the guidelines above, and you and I will have a FABULOUS time together, if you avoid making me want to push you into a mud puddle filled with piranhas.

*inhales deeply*


Aaaahhhhhhh…… I feel so much better now, don’t you? Um… are you fucking crying you little bitch? OMG! Get your ass on the phone and call me right now and stop all that sniveling! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


Mistress Brighton