Gooning Sissy Pornosexual

Goddess Brighton knows you’re a gooning sissy pornosexual. 1-800-601-6975

I’ve been getting some interesting calls lately in the gooning sissy pornosexual realm. So maybe you already know you’re a sissy, but do you know what kind of sissy you are? Welpers! If you enjoy being humiliated, can only get hard while being laughed at, and jerk off to porn lots, you might be a gooning sissy pornosexual!

The Gooning Sissy Pornosexual

The gooning sissy pornosexual usually has a sexless relationship, or no relationship. Wait.. wait… that’s not entirely true, sissies sometimes have relationships with their porn subscription and if they own one, their sissy blowup doll. However having a real sex life, for a gooning sissy, is an oxymoron. Like bigfoot, regular sex for a gooner sissy doesn’t exist. Also, gooning sissies do enjoy a good reaming! Not to be confused with rimming. *snortlaugh*

Gooning Sissies Love Them Some Public Humiliation!

The gooning sissy doesn’t have much in the way of brain cells, so they sometimes do really fucking stupid stuff to get themselves going. So just a reminder, that while some forms of kink are exciting, they aren’t always safe. So before skipping off into the sunset and doing something moronic, read femdom coercion safety… or I will fucking slap you. I do however know that public humiliation is a popular fetish that makes your sissy clittys all tingly. Which is why I suggest somewhat controlled situations for public humiliation, and I will give you some examples!

Public Humiliation With Gooning Sissies – The Mistress Gang Bang

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a 4 Mistress – yes I said FOUR MISTRESS – gang bang session on skype, with dick breath sissy! Dick breath is a very entertaining little slut who not only is an exhibitionist, but he likes putting on a skype show for the Mistresses and being “encouraged” to add more mistresses and do more daring tricks to entertain us (deep throat.. deep throat). Dick breath also has done things with a whisk egg beater that I will never forget for as long as I live.

Gooning Sissy Mantras For Pornosexuals

Gooning sissies if married, usually have a lovely wife at home who’s a porn widow.  Like I said, if they’re lucky enough to even be married, however I think it’s equally humiliating to have sissy mantras, driving that point home, and then having to somewhat publicly affirm those truths. How do you do this? Easy! I give you mantras, and you repeat them, post them on twitter, get a bdsmlr account and post your humiliating stories there, call the dispatcher and tell them you’re a loser that goons to porn, sucks cock, and let’s strange men cum in your ass…. oops… that’s another twisted humiliation story for another day. ROFLMAO!

At Your Discretion

Aside from posting on my blog, I do not post anyone’s personal information or pictures, because SAFETY. So if you want to do that you have to do it yourself at your own discretion. You CAN safely post humiliating mantras and funny pictures on twitter and myself and the Mistresses might comment on it! If you’re okay with sharing pics of yourself doing humiliating things online, I’d suggest bdsmlr (it’s like tumblr except for porn and kinky fuckery), and then you can post what you want on there and also delete if you need to. Again, I WILL NOT post any pictures of you, you have to do that if you want, yourself. And please for the bajillionth time, NEVER post your personal info online. Or I will slap you.

Gooning Sissy Sessions

So now we’ve covered safety and doing safe public humiliation, how bout you get your ass online and give me a show? You can set up a skype session through sexy texting, a phone sex session through cock control, and there is also the option of the virtual world, where I can make you get a piggy or blowup doll avatar and parade you around in world while people laugh at you. Email me at and call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


Mistress Brighton