Gooning Humiliation

Are you addicted to gooning humiliation? Miss Brighton wants you to call her! 1-800-601-6975

It’s not a secret that I love boisterous, and very physical humiliation femdom. So when I do get a sub who likes to perform for me, it’s a delight, especially when that sub is addicted to gooning humiliation and can’t stop edging!

Addicted To Gooning Humiliation

When a subbie slut is addicted to gooning humiliation, they really don’t want to cum, they crave staying right on the horny edge of NOT cumming. And when men are horny, they put on the best performances, and will do almost anything to entertain their Mistress. I enjoy pushing the limits of a sub who is willing to think outside the box, and go further than they ever imagined possible. For a gooner, anything they can stick their dick in and hump, is a perfect pussy replacement!

Goon Junkie Cam Shows

I had a hilarious two mistress phone sex session with Mistress Harper and a goon junkie who did just that: turned every day objects into surrogate pussies. We’re talking shoes, couch cushions, the carpet, literally anything he could get his hands on and hump. Even better, we got to watch him abuse a pillow on cam! Can you say “pillow humper?” This proper slut was willing to do things on cam to entertain us, that most people might cringe at, all in the name of gooning. What kind of things? You’ll have to call me – your humiliation mistress – to find out! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. It’s my anniversary month, so get in on some great phone sex offers by clicking this link and let the dispatcher know when you call.


Mistress Brighton