Happy Masturbation May! I know I’m a little late with this blog but it’s been a busy month, and you still have time to take advantage of the 20% text session offer this masturbation may, AND I have a brand spanky new audio to tell you about, in the phone sex audio store. But first let’s talk about text sessions and how to get one, and what you’ll need to do one. Warning: I go off on really mean rants about things that grind my gears.

Text Sessions During Masturbation May

Text sessions are great because they are discreet and give you an extra layer of privacy when you have limited privacy. You don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing your conversation, for instance if you’re in public, or there are people nearby, late at night when others are sleeping, etc. You have lots of options for your text session as well! You can choose skype or discord, and if you’d like to be watched during your text session, you can use either of those options to turn on your cam and give the Mistresses a show! Bonus: Did you know you can do multi-mistress sessions via text on skype or discord or our naughty chatroom?

The How To’s And Before You Place Your Text Session Order

Let me give you a scenario that’s happened several times in the past. Someone calls, tells dispatch they want a skype text session. Okay great, it’s all set up, they get on the line with the Mistress, and she asks for the skype name to add them.  Their response? “Oh I don’t have skype I thought you could set that up for me.” …… Oh yeah sure I’ll just reach through the phone, tweak your settings and magically connect your skype for you. WRONG!!!!! We cannot set up skype for you, so make sure you have it on your device working before you place your order.

Text Session Failures Can Be Avoided

Different scenario: Same deal, person orders, then emails me to tell me they don’t have skype and how do they set it up. Or yet another scenario: You have it on your device, but you don’t know how to get it working and you spend the first 10 or so minutes of your session fumbling around because you weren’t prepared. Same applies to discord, you will first need to install skype and/or discord, and then you’re responsible for making sure it works. So get yourself acclimated with your device and settings, especially if this is your first time using it.

How To Get A FAST Text Session Response

Now I am happy to walk you through set up on a paid phone sex call, but I can’t do trouble shooting for you because I’m not the Kinky Domme IT. Now let’s pow wow about another annoyance of mine… correction, it will be annoying for you, if you can’t follow directions! And that is: I ignore people on skype. I don’t know you’re there, nor do I care that you exist because I’m probably gardening or pegging my boyfriend. If you want a response, you will either have to email me to let me know you want a text session. Or you can call dispatch and tell them you want to or have already paid for a text session. Side note: You only get the discount if you pay for your session online.

Emailing Etiquette For The 500th Time When Setting Up A Text Session

Listen up! Emailing Etiquette Rule Number One: Get to the point. If you ask me 500 questions I will only answer the first one regarding a text session if that’s what you’re calling for. I will not tell you:

What I’m going to do to you on a call.

Answer unrelated questions.

Read a wall of text…. they make my eyes cross.

Who framed Roger Rabbit.

Discuss anything that would be considered “naughty talk” outside of sessions.

I don’t care what color panties you’re wearing while you’re emailing me. And I don’t give two fucks about seeing your dick if you haven’t paid me to look at it. Send me pictures of chainsaws instead, because I really find hardware tools hot. If you’d like to avoid going in the box of shame and getting a free ignore session, save all your questions for our session. Or pay for an email package. And if you want me to look at your dick outside of a paid session, go to the phone sex assignment site and pay for a dick rating. Email me for dick rating pricing as I don’t have a package on the site yet.

Rude Domme 101 – Please Remember I’m A Humiliatrix And I Enjoy Hurting Men For A Living

As in hurting your feelings, your wallet, and your balls. When you behave like someone who is respectful, and polite, I have the patience of a saint. That patience goes out the window very quickly if you show signs of entitled behavior. There are only 3 entitled men in my life and I promise you’re not one of them! When you act like a sweet little cum gargling angel subby and follow my rules, I am the absolute cream puff Mistress of your dreams. You choose which level of hell you want to go to cupcake!

I Am Pleasant! When You’re Smart!

I swear to the great god of cheesecake I am not nearly as scary as I am blunt. I enjoy pegging good boys and girly girls that don’t act like moldy donuts snorting glue. So be smart, be awesome, win the “Goddess Brighton’s Favoritist Subby In The Whole Wide World” award! Everyone wants to be a favorite after all right? So back to text session information! You’re going to be a doll and set up your device, preferred app, email like a good little hooker face, and will avoid the meme of shame… and the box of shame, yes? Yes. You got this!! Before I forget me and three fucking awesome ladies – Duchess Willow  Mistress Becky  and  Princess Andi –  made a fucking awesome four Mistress gooning phone sex audio and I am very proud of it as are they so I want you…. to buy it. Right now.

Phone Sex Audios And Custom Audios

The difference is – holy heck this was supposed to be a short blog… oh well – phone sex audios are ready to buy, custom audios you send us your razzle dazzle vajazzle script and we turn it into pure magic. So let’s say you want a custom audio per chance? You email me at brighton@enchantrixempire.com and tell me you want a custom audio, how many minutes long, and whether or not you have a script. There is a script writing fee if you don’t have one, and multi-mistress custom audios are available!

Call Me For Phone Sex Or Order A Text Session Online And Get 20% Off Sexy Texting

While calls are welcome you only get the discount if you pay online for sexy texting. Now…. a little bird told me (it’s me I’m the bird) that SOMEONE has a phone sex anniversary next month… I wonder who that could be… hmmmmm. Well in the mean time while I’m figuring that out, give me a call or sexy text me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton OR go to sexy texting and place your order. Email me to make sure I’m available, because emails will get seen first before your incessant “hi…. hi…. hi…..” on skype. AND GO BUY OUR PHONE SEX AUDIO!!!!!

FUCK OFF!!!!!!

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