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About 2 months ago I had the devious pleasure of being the keyholder of a submissive’s caged cock, and got to experiment with erotic e-stim AND virtual chastity at the same time. I was like a Mistress with a new toy to play with and it was fookin glorious!

What Is Erotic E-Stim

Erotic e-stim is short for erotic electrostimulation, where electrical currents are applied to the genitals or other areas of the body for a hair raising good time! E-stim is commonly used medically for pain management, but e-stim kinksters get off on the jolts of pleasure they get from having someone zap them. Think electric fly swatter…. only safer. DISCLAIMER: RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH and make sure you are healthy physically and mentally before playing with e-stim and play with someone who knows what they are doing!!!!! I’ve said this previous in regards to safety and especially now, you don’t wanna overload the ER with you being a dummy, they have enough to deal with right now.

Erotic E-Stim And Pain Play

So is e-stim painful? That depends on who you ask. This particular pet is a pain slut who enjoys femdom pain play. I was operating his device remotely, so first he showed me how to use it, and then off we went! Hello pain slut, meet Goddess Brighton, the sweetest little sadist you will ever scream for. Needless to say I had fun turning his knobs and pushing his buttons. The best part, was that it provided me with some fun entertainment, during social distancing.

Pain Slut Mult-Mistress Phone Sex

I also got to set up a multi-mistress pass the penis, wake up call session, where myself and a seven other ladies woke him up at various times of the day and night and made him do everything from flog himself to twisting his nipples. Yay fun! This was in addition to his one on one training with yours truly. The e-stim pain loving slut had lots of other toys to play with and his reward for allowing me to abuse him while in chastity, was a ruined orgasm. Nothing says “thank you Mistress” like dribbles.

9 Mistress Pass The Penis

The 9 Mistress Pass The Penis volume 1 is in the audio store now! 1-800-601-6975

Wanna Play Shock The Monkey With Me?

If you’re an erotic e-stim fan, pain slut, masochist, and like being laughed at while you scream, schedule a session with me! I am available by phone, text on sexy texting, and for appointments and scheduled wake up calls. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton! And quick reminder: Don’t forget to check out the masturbation may blog train, and if you can’t call, but need aural stimulation, consider buying the 9 Mistress pass the penis audio series. You can listen to it discreetly in your earphones and NOBODY will know but you! Learn more about the 9 PTP Mistresses by clicking here and following their blog links.


Mistress Brighton

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