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Masturbation May 2020 Blog Train 1-800-601-6975

Hand over your erections boys and gurls because the LDW muses have a fun filled Masturbation May planned for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re locked indoors, you can still hop on board the blog train and we will bring the party straight to you. We’re going to start your masturbation may off with a sordid tale of wicked self pleasuring. Of course, when the Christmas Fairy makes an appearance in the middle of spring, there’s bound to be a catch!

Masturbation May – Christmas In The Springtime

Trixie had been rather clumsy with her new body. Her world turned upside down since that first visit from the Christmas fairy over the holidays. Over time her visits became fewer and fewer, but the results of her mischief remained. “Don’t you want to have better orgasms, Tom? Everyone loves good orgasms..” That was back when she, was a he, and he had greedily agreed to let her grant him the wish of better orgasms. He immediately regretted such, and was waddling to affirm his poor choices.

Orgasms With The Christmas Fairy

Though he could not deny, when she did whatever it was she did to him, and bent him over, despite his loud screaming, he came and came harder than he ever had in his life with the sounds of orgasm becoming more feminine with every stroke. But of course everything comes with a price, and he had foolishly wished aloud that day for a change, and change he got. Over the next few days, his dick grew smaller and smaller, until he only needed to “rub his nub” to get off. Shooting his load became more of a squirting action, when he climaxed. And that wasn’t the only change he noticed.

Fairies Are Mischievous Creatures After All

He discovered that along with a shrinking dicklet, and sitting down to relieve himself, he began to grow breasts, with large pink areolas and nipples that sent a tingle all the way down his spine when he touched them. Then he began to notice that his tiny berry balls looked more and more like a pussy. Through all of this, instead of masturbating less, he found that he couldn’t stop playing with his new pussy and triple F tits. And it seemed that no one really made a fuss, when he showed up for work. It was almost as if his reality changed, along with his body.

Chirping Birds And Buzzing Vibrators

Since he was now known as Trixie at work, and everyone treated him like an airheaded bimbo, he also found a new curiosity, and bought himself his.. er… HER, first vibrator. Trixie would never forget the day she lubed up her new pink dildo and pushed the button. “Oooooohhhhh… oh.. oh… OooohhhhhHHHHH!” she cried out. It was amazing. Trixie now understood why women truly were the superior sex, having an orgasm as one, was better than anything he’d ever experienced, when he used to jerk his dick.

Christmas Returns In The Spring

“It’s not like you had much to jerk off to begin with, huh Trixie? I see you’re adjusting to bimbo life nicely!” Trixie shrieked and fell off the bed, flinging the vibrator out of her pussy and sending it rolling across her pink carpet. “Oohhhh Miss I d-didn’t hear you come in!” Brighton smiled and helped the half naked, startled bimbo to her feet, and then draped herself across Trixie’s bed. “I just came by to fuck you, and see how you were doing.” She smiled sweetly, eyeing Trixies massive tits. Trixie crumpled her face, “you what??” she asked. Brighton reached out and pulled the bimbo on top of her, “I said I came here to fuck you, you dumb slut.” Trixie let out a yelp as Brighton’s massive she-cock penetrated her. Before long, Trixie could only moan in pleasure, as her mind went blank, with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure numbing her senses.

Ready For Your Masturbation May Journey?

Want to have your own masturbation may adventure? Join me for the best train ride ever! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Bookmark this blog post and start here to begin the blog train ride. And stay tuned because up next on the masturbation may blog train is Mistress Claire!


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