pain play

Mistress Brighton is ready to warm up that ass with pain play. 1-800-601-6975

There are days when you just need a firm hand – or a paddle – or the underside of my boot – to bring you to heel and adjust your attitude. Nothing pleases me more than putting subs in their place, especially mouthy ones, because it means you paying a visit to Brighton’s House Of Whacks, and it means you’re in for an intense pain play session. This is what impact play is for, after all…

Pain Play Conditioning

If a sub is showing signs of needing extreme BDSM punishment, I like having a pleasant and relaxing whack off session, with no warmup. No… I’m not talking about the kind of whacking off where you get to touch your cock… *snortlaugh* don’t be fucking ridiculous you asshat. I’m referring to a good whacking with my paddle. The kind that leaves your ass nice and red; the kind that has a lasting effect long after it’s over. You know… where you can’t sit straight for a week.

Wooden Paddles And Begging

Once we get started, I’ll have you know that no amount of begging is going to get you out of your pain play conditioning. If you earned a spanking with my wooden paddle, you will take every lick and thank me afterward by kissing my boots. Squirming and trying to move away will only make it worse, and it will take longer if I have to tie you down. Furthermore if I have to tie you down you’re going to spend the evening with a red hot, stretched out ass. Miss Brighton’s special stool does exist, and your punishment will be very much real. So are you ready for your discipline? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


Mistress Brighton