9 Mistress Pass The Penis

The 9 Mistress Pass The Penis volume 1 is in the audio store now! 1-800-601-6975

The ONLY thing better than a 9 Mistress pass the penis audio set, would be a live tease and denial phone sex call with all 9 ladies teasing your cock. Of course since everyone’s indoors as of late, and privacy is premium, that might be a little tricky. Which is the reason we curated a pass the penis tease and denial audio series, featuring not one… but NINE Mistresses! Are you excited? Because I’m excited!

9 Mistress Pass The Penis Volume One

This 9 mistress ptp audio series features myself – Mistress Brighton at your service! – Mistress Harper, Miss Delia, Duchess Willow, Mistress Rachel, Mistress Scarlet, Miss Claire, Empress Hunter, and Mistress Erika, purring filthy thoughts, and instructions, for you to edge and deny as you listen to – and are passed from – one Mistress to the next. That means 90+ minutes of audio erotica filling your ears and making you ache relentlessly. Want to be surprised by who your “passed” to first? Load these up on your preferred device and hit shuffle!

Purchase Altogether Or One By One

Personally I think you need to get the package  so that you can own a piece of 2020 history. After all it is the first of its kind and was inspired by our current social distancing pandemic. Bring all nine ladies home with you. If you think about it, it’s almost like having us sitting in your living room, except you’re the only one that can see us, and we are your imaginary Mistress friends. You can keep your Mistress lady friends close at all times in your headphones, and no one will ever know!





Put Us On Your Playlist

Throw on your sweats and add us to your favorite workout playlist, on shuffle, and while you’re running on the treadmill, you just never know whose voice you’ll hear teasing you. Think of just how HARD it would be to concentrate, with a mistress in your ear. I dare you to keep a straight face in front of your loved ones and roomies!

9 Mistress Pass the Penis Phone Sex Or A 9 Mistress Call?

So let’s say you are able to get some alone time and you decide you want to do a 9 Mistress pass the penis session. Or you get really crazy and want to do a 9 Mistress call? All you have to do is dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for a pass the penis or multi-mistress session. I personally think it would be a riot, but then I am rather demented. In either case I hope you will check out these amazing ladies and take the 9 Mistress challenge!


Mistress Brighton


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