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What’s it like spending a week in chastity for Miss Brighton? Jizzhead found out by taking the plunge, and discovered that virtual chastity as a bimbo sissy for 7 whole days could be more of a challenge that he ever imagined. Especially when it had some unexpected results that the sissy bimbo had not expected.

Virtual Chastity

The first day of chastity is usually the easiest…. unless the day you lock your dick up, is the same day your wife decides she actually wants to use your sissy stick for her own pleasure. And then you have the humiliation of having to report to your Mistress, that you had to do the number one thing that many women do, when they don’t want to have sex with their husbands: Not tonight honey, I have a headache. When I tell you I cackled, I FUCKING CACKLED.

Sissy Bimbo Virtual Chastity

Jizzy is not only a chastity pet, but a humilation slut, and serves me by whoring h/erself out in the virtual world as a sissy bimbo fuck toy for hire. Being bimbofied was part of jizzy’s training, and over the past couple of years, jizzhead gradually resembled a man less and less. Now, if you see “her” online, you would never think that was a man now would you? Me neither! I didn’t think he was a man even when he pretended to be one! Muahahahahahaha!

Virtual Chastity Leaks

No not like wiki leaks, but like on day two or three, jizzhead woke up to a wet dream and creamed panties, and had to lay there, dribbling in silence, so he wouldn’t wake up the wifey. Remember when I said I cackled because he had to fake a headache? I about hurt myself laughing when I read this in my messages: “So basically I just laid there in silence, creaming my underwear.” Can you imagine the mindfuck? You can’t stroke, you have to hide your locked weenie, and then to further humiliate yourself you sissy squirted in your sleep. *snortlaugh*

Virtual Chastity And Humiliation

Every day jizzloser had to send a new proof of life pic to me, with a new caption, like the above. And every day jizzy dropped deeper and deeper into submission, and all of the good juicy mindfucking. I wouldn’t be as good as I am at my job, if I didn’t scare the fuck out of you just a little. But in a safe and subtle way, because safety is important. So here’s that reminder to play safely when exploring bdsm and vet your playmates!

Locked Up For Mistress – Virtual Chastity

Wanna be my caged slut? Cock control has a circuit training program. You choose your headmistress, and then the headmistress does the rest and takes complete control of you, including assignments and a private forum where the Mistress Instructors will torment you. Or you could do one on one. If you’re interested in one or both, and want to explore virtual chastity with me, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. And don’t forget! I am Mistress of the Month for Masturbation May, and there’s a blog train happening, and a contest on Enchantrix Empire for a free 10 minute call with me.


Mistress Brighton

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