How To Avoid Being An Asshole

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I have met people from all walks of life. Older, younger, trans, black, white, asian, various religions.. you get the point. It has taken me a very long time to cultivate an objective view of things. I am not religious, and as you may know I do a lot of blasphemy phone sex calls. However I do agree that you need to follow your passion and do the things in life that make you happy, so long as you respect other people. So this post is all about how to avoid being an asshole in life, and also how to avoid getting kicked in the teeth, by me.

How To Avoid Being An Asshole In Life – It’s Really Simple

When you accept others without judgement, and accept that other people have been in many varying life situations… and that the world does not – in fact – revolve around you, life is very easy. Life is not complicated, but ignorance and closed minded thinking, and jumping to conclusions, can make life one hell of a clusterfuck. I believe in energy and that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. I really don’t give a half eaten jar of crunchy jiffy if you believe in a head of lettuce or worship a giant cock: There is absolutely NO reason to disrespect someone based on their beliefs or the color of their skin, or how they look, and many other various criteria. I have zero tolerance for racist cunts; I have zero tolerance for sexist inbred fuckwits. So if you don’t like someone based on what they look like or identify as – for instance someone who is transgendered, or gay, or bi, or black or Hindu – do the world a favor and go fuck yourself. While you’re at it pull your lower lip over your head and swallow, you will not be missed.

Unless you’re calling me to be degraded and humiliated based on how you look, or your beliefs, because you get off on it, I believe in living and let live. No one else on earth is hurting me by having purple hair, or an afro, or being trans, or being plus sized, or being a different color, or speaking a different language. And regardless of your religious beliefs, I am really tired of seeing people be stereotyped because of their religion, or being profiled for being black or brown. You don’t agree? That’s fine with me, that just means we don’t have anything more to talk about.

My Personal Views On Respect

Someone once said this, and I tend to agree with it: I don’t need you to respect me. I am speaking in terms of my every day life. No one needs to know anything about me, and if they do they don’t have to respect that I offer an adult service to mostly horny men, and submissive people. I don’t care if you don’t like it, or respect it, because you don’t pay any of my bills. So yes, I expect people to treat each other with respect in general, absolutely. But if someone tells me they don’t respect ME because I make men cum and fuck them with rubber dildos, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. What I DO need everyone to learn how to do, is mind your own goddamn business. Because to be honest there is way too much drama and it’s usually surrounding people getting involved with a bunch of shit that doesn’t concern them in the first place.

I am naturally introverted, which means I don’t like talking all the time, and I conserve my energy and time and resources as I see fit. So for me it’s really easy to mind my own business and go about my day. But what is amazing for me to see, is how much really just….. asinine bullshit could have been avoided, if everyone did the same.

Yes I know this blog is lengthy, but in conclusion, if you call me for a particular kink or fetish, I’m game, for ALMOST anything. Just don’t be a fucking dick to people for no other reason than you’re an idiot. Admit that you’re an idiot, go educate yourself on why (insert racist, sexist, prejudiced thing here: ____) is disrespectful and offensive, and then go eat a cookie. Want to do a session with the introverted Mistress? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. And as always…..



Mistress Brighton


Extra Pro-Tip: Avoid getting offended by every little thing, by remembering that everything isn’t about you, and don’t take anything personally. In otherwords stop being a butthurt crymoar.