big titted sissy bimbo transformation

That’s about as serious as my face gets. And it’s time for big titted sissy bimbo transformation training! 1-800-6001-6975

Yep, that’s the title of this weeks blog. Big titted sissy bimbo transformation. I am going to turn your loser sissy ass into a big breasted, blonde, lip injected, brainless fuck doll. For no other reason than you are a failure of a man, a failure of a woman, and the only thing your good for is obeying your Mistress and keeping your mouth in a permanently locked O position at all times. And because this amuses me.

Big Titted Sissy Bimbo Transformation

Your training begins with programming, you already know sissy humiliation is my thing. Now you need to hear my voice, in your head, telling you to get the double FF breast forms, and the tight slutty pink dresses, and the blonde wigs. My voice commanding you to throw away all your boy clothes and buy the pink victoria’s secret lip gloss and makeup kit. My voice instructing you to start taking girly bubble baths and tape your pathetic dicklet, and relieve yourself sitting down. That orgasmic moan you just heard, came from you. You just made sissy cummies because the mere suggestion of being feminized makes your little pink panties wet.

Sissy Bimbo Doll Programming

Listen to the audio that accompanies this blog post. But I warn you, once you listen to it, the programming has begun, and you will be unable to resist being my sissy bimbo doll. I’m a fucking pro at this. Reach the sissy stepford wives if you don’t believe me. Or check out my mind control meditation blogs. Or just ask jizzhead, and take a look at his before and after pictures. They may not have asked for it, but I know what they want. To live out their pathetic lives in Miss Brighton’s doll factory. Remember… men go in, but men don’t come back out.



Mistress Brighton