public humiliation kink

Mistress Brighton knows how to explore your public humiliation kink in a virtual phone sex setting. 1-800-601-6975

As you know, LDW is all about safety. We want to enjoy you, we want you to enjoy your experience, and of course we want to be able to play with you long term. There are many people who enjoy public humiliation, but for logistical reasons it’s not practical, nor is it safe. Which is why I was thrilled to find ways to explore virtual exposure roleplay, over the phone, and in world at Enchantrix!

Public Humiliation Kink

I had a very mutually pleasurable experience with a sub, indulging his public humiliation kink, in a phone setting, and then, in the virtual setting. In the virtual world you do have the option to voice chat, so we did a session, and I took him to an adult BDSM sim, where there were other Domme’s and subs around, and where people could hear everything he was saying to me, and everything I instructed him to do. I got a rush ordering him to spank his balls on voice, and hearing his compliance. And then, the really exciting part happened…. People started to chime in and comment!

public humiliation

Virtual Public Humiliation Kink 1-800-539-4566

Virtually Exposed And Humiliated

Some of the other Dominas could be heard on voice snickering at his disposition and teasing him, and laughing every time he had to follow out an embarrassing task on voice chat. The best part? He got so hard and excited knowing that other people could hear him making a fool of himself. And since this was an all adult sim, where male subs are expected to serve and put themselves on display for the entertainment of women like myself, it was a win win for all. That’s the beauty of being able to roleplay your kinks in a safe setting. Not only did this sub get paraded around and have to humiliate himself on voice, he got an experience he won’t soon forget.

Virtual Public Humiliation

With that said, we all know there are things you might want to do, but cannot in a real life setting for many different and obvious reasons. So my advice to you, if you have a fantasy of being publicly humiliated, let’s chat on the phone, and if you’re up for some 3 dimensional humiliation, let’s set you up to put on a show! 1-800-539-4566 is where you can reach me. Just ask for Brighton! Ready for your punishment?



Mistress Brighton