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Sissy Training With Goddess Brighton

sissy training

Goddess Brighton is a sadistic sissy training Mistress. 1-800-601-6975

sissy training

Sissy Training with a Sadistic Mistress 1-800-601-6975

Let me make one thing painfully clear to you: I am NOT a mothering, doting, sissy Dominatrix. When it comes to sissies I enjoy sissy humiliation, a fact I have elaborated on in the past. However I want to make sure that you know, when you call me for sissy training, you will be strapped in the handbasket to hell with no brakes, because I’m going to enjoy fucking you, and fucking you hard. And by fucking you I don’t just mean with my strapon. I mean putting you in your fucking place and reminding you what a pathetic, sissy faggot loser you are. So if you’re looking for the kind, affectionate type, you’d better spin your heels and run, because I am not your fucking mommy.

Sissy Training With Goddess

Sissy training with me, involves stripping you of everything masculine, and subjugating you to the bottom of the food chain. That’s right, sissy loser, you are subhuman, as far as I’m concerned, and when you enter my domain, you will be firmly reminded of such. You are less than a man, you’re less than a woman – oh yes, sissy… ALL real women are better than your pathetic loser ass, and you will respect ALL women and treat every woman with a vagina, as your superior, regardless of their race or sexual orientation. You will be given tools to properly serve me: Two pussies – not vaginas… PUSSIES – your mouth pussy, and your ass pussy, which I will use to pound you into submission… not that I have to try very hard. You will refer to my lady cock as “Goddess” and if my boy toy is present – who has a bigger dick than you could dream of having – you will refer to him as “Master.”

Don’t Let That Sweet Face Fool You

I don’t know what it is about me honestly… maybe I smile too much, maybe my energy is just so bright and fluffy and fairy like, that sissies come to me thinking I’m going to be this sweet loving fairy godmother of their dreams. I can assure you that behind the smile is the darkside, and if you take that path with me I am going to treat you like the little sissy bitch that you are.

I am going to fuck you.

My boyfriend is going to fuck you.

I’m going to let my male friends, and fellow Fem Dommes fuck you.

You are going to do things for me you wouldn’t do for your secretary or your wife.

And most importantly…. I am only interested in one thing: Being entertained, and breaking you, in the process. Oops, that was two things. So if you don’t amuse me, I have no use for you. Keep that in mind. I will do it in such a way that you will love me for it, and thank me for it, and wonder what your life was like before I turned you into a sissy cum dumpster.

The Sadistic Side Of Sissy Training

I have touched on this before, when discussing the type of Mistress I am, and the realm of the mean Mistress. Mean Mistress Brighton does exist, but the side of me most normally see is the sweet, seductive, mischievous, and sadistic, side. You see, I enjoy doing things that give me pleasure. Humiliating sissies gives me pleasure, putting them in their place, reminding them that they are slaves to their addictions, and inflicting pain and watching sissies squeal. I want to make you squeal for me. When it comes to sissy training, I’m the fucking Antichrist. Remember that, before you think of approaching me for training. Think you can handle being trained by a sadist who enjoys your screams of agony? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Goddess Brighton. And one last thing….



Mistress Brighton

Interesting in virtual sissy training? Join the virtual Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire, for a meet and greet, Friday, July 6th at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern).

meet the mistresses

Meet the Virtual Femdoms of Enchantrix Empire July 6th, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern


6 comments to Sissy Training With Goddess Brighton

  • Yes, Goddess. My useless penis can never penatrate a woman again and I crave serving you with the destruction of all traces of my manhood. Please sissify me, and make me your Cocksucker, sissy, Faggot, Chump, LOSER for all to see. Thank you Goddess for your comsideration.

    Cocksucker Christopher Jason Suse

  • Brighton's Churchmouse

    My ass is still red from the hours of sweaty bare ass humiliation and bible spanking Mistress! Yelling and f#cking naked in front of my open front door only proves how merciless you are! Ahhhhh, my Antichrist!!

    Brighton is ALWAYS WORTH IT!

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Why am I a sissy? How did I become a sissy? I sit at home wearing my wife’s lipstick and eye makeup, hold a condom on with one hand (it will fall off if I don’t hold it because it’s too big) while my other hand rubs my little dickie as I sit on a suction cup dildo and watch videos of fem-dom and faggot humiliation. What’s wrong with me?

  • Mmmm, you’ll fit right in to Goddesses plans for pathetic little fucks like you and I. I’m hoping to serve some BBC tonight, and will be worshiping mistresses profile photo as my throat and boi pussy gets violated.

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    The sissy-gasm you made me have was over the top- WOW!
    I want so much to share my femme feelings with my wife. I believe l need to do this gradually, like instead of lipstick, presenting myself to her in a tinted lip balm, like Burt’s Bees lip shimmers. They have 9-10 different shades. then I’ll wait to see if she says anything. And l think I’ll shave my legs since they’re not so hairy anyway, and under my arms. Hoping this initiates a conversation.
    The challenge will be admitting to her that I’ve let men have me.

  • […] I like making men cry. Why would a sensual Mistress like inflicting pain? You can be sensual, and a sadistic Mistress, you know. And if you didn’t know, allow me to enlighten you, on a CBT therapy session, that […]

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