CBT Therapy

CBT Therapy With Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

I didn’t know what I was going to blog about today, until I saw this really awesome ball kicking gif, and decided today’s post is going to be about CBT therapy. The title of this post is “Balls In Space” because that’s where your nuts are going to be when I’m done kicking the dick off you. And I chose CBT therapy, also, because there are a WHOLE lot of men that need a good swift kick in the nuts to get their heads straight.

CBT Therapy With Goddess Brighton

Pretty straightforward, no? I don’t have to explain to you what CBT is, because if you’ve ever been kicked in the testicles, and given a woman pleasure by dropping to your knees and crying – and making a few others sounds I love – then you know the pure bliss of cock and ball torment. So why CBT therapy? It’s all about relinquishing control, and your Mistress having a good goddamn time while dominating you. Why would a man crave such a thing? Well let’s explore that, shall we?

Balls In Space – Alien Space Babes From The Planet Ballkick

You want me to kick you in the balls. Yeah I said it. You crave CBT therapy because you need and want to be put in your place. Having a dominant woman kick you right where it counts, knocking you down to size, and punishing you for well.. being a man, basically, is exactly what you deserve. And chances are, you might be- no… you ARE a pain slut, who obviously enjoys being a BDSM degradee.

Pain Sluts And Sadistic Femdom

I really like pain sluts, do you know why? Because it’s therapeutic for me to hurt you, make you whine, whimper, grovel, and cry, and I like making men cry. Why would a sensual Mistress like inflicting pain? You can be sensual, and a sadistic Mistress, you know. And if you didn’t know, allow me to enlighten you, on a CBT therapy session, that will be healing for both of us. Just call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I look forward to ruining all of your future orgasms, and eliciting the sounds of your discomfort.


Mistress Brighton