Sensual Sissy Domination

Sensual Sissy Domination with Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Though it does not need to be said – I think – I tend to be rather frisky in my dominatrix form. In the case of sissies, I usually lean toward the humiliation side of feminization and sissy training, but I do have a softer side…. though what I consider “softer” might be subjective. *evil grin* But I digress, sensual sissy domination can be fun both for the Domme, and her sissy fucktoy. Never mind the fact that her sissy might not be able to walk when she’s done with s/him.

Sensual Sissy Domination

So you must be wondering what my idea of sensual sissy domination is, so I’ll give you a hint: Remember that three way fuck fest I had with Mistress Lilly, Jizzelle, and my lady cock? Mmmmm yes, there is nothing more pleasing than hearing a sissies screams- er… moans of pleasure when I’m fucking her brains out. Of course there is one step that must be made before I fuck you. And as I look you up and down I can see you’re going to need a lot of… work. So first things first, boy clothes… OFF. You’re not a man so you don’t deserve to wear the pants in any situation. However there is a much more fitting role that a sissy can play for “its” Mistress.

Looking The Part Of A Sensual Sissy

If you want me to sit on your face and then fuck you, you have to LOOK GOOD.  I am not going to sit on just any sissy’s face – licking my pussy is a privilege, after all – and I’m certainly not going to plow the panties off of you if you are not properly sissified. I do adore a cute fem boi sissy, and one that takes care of “herself” and has well manicured toes and nails, hair done, skin smooth from exfoliating sissy scrub, you get the picture. I want my sissy to look like a proper fuck doll for Miss Brighton. Are you ready to be my sensual sissy fuck doll? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

That’s all for now…


Mistress Brighton