sissy halloween phone sex

Miss Brighton wants you to have a sissy Halloween. 1-800-601-6975

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Number one, it’s exactly six days before my birthday (SHAMELESS PLUG), and two, I love getting dressed up and seeing all the different costumes. This year, my Halloween theme is none other than Clockwork Orange. But I actually don’t want to talk about my costume right now, I want to discuss sissy Halloween!

Sissy Halloween

So who will you be for Halloween, sissy? Maybe a cum eating sissy zombie, but instead of brains, you want spunk? Sissy Frankenstein gobbling up frankenfurters? Sissy bo peep… now there’s a favorite! Sissy vampire – refer to sissy zombie idea, the possibilities are endless. But the most important thing is that you have fun no matter who or what you decide to dress up as. So my sissy assignment for all you Halloweeners, is to send me pics of your costumes, or call me and let’s do a skype session! I’d love to see your costume before you go dick-or-treating!

Halloween Feminization

Here’s another idea for you if you’re daring enough and have never tried it: Why not step on out this Halloween as a pretty in pink from head to toe, sissy girl! Shave your legs, put on your makeup and some sexy lingerie. Maybe make it mysterious and wear a fancy mask, to be alluring. Attend a costume ball! Think how much fun it would be to wear a fancy ball gown and mask as you dance the night away. Anything else you can think of, like maybe your favorite Fairy Princess turning you into her sissy Stepford wife and fucking you with her strapon until you can’t walk? I look forward to celebrating Halloween WITH you! Just call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Until next time….


Mistress Brighton