Goddess Brighton is having a birthday. 1-800-601-6975

I had a total brain fart and couldn’t think of what I wanted to blog about next. I have a few ideas, but the scorpio in me is very secretive and likes to keep some things close to my chest, so you’ll find out about those, when I post them. And speaking of Scorpios, goddess worship, and birthdays (see what I did there?)……

Mistress Brighton Has A Birthday?

For those of you who were not aware that I was not actually hatched, or that I’m not really from another planet.. I do have a birthday coming up exactly one month from now, on November 6th.  I’ve been a mistress at LDW now for three months – whoo hoo! – and I’m having loads of fun so far, learning and growing with my callers. As this will be my very first birthday at LDW, I figured now would be a good time to let you know, so you can spoil me. Because who doesn’t like being spoiled on their birthday?

What Mistress Brighton Wants

I have all sorts of interests, from simple, to quirky, so if you want to get an idea of all the crazy shit I’m into, the very first place you can start is my Amazon Wishlist.  If you’re not sure what to pick from my wishlist, Amazon Gift cards are always welcome, and you can send them to brighton@enchantrixempire.com straight to yours truly! If you do send me something off my wishlist, please let me know that you did so I can properly thank you. Unless of course you want to remain an anonymous gifter. 😉  You can also send me a Virtual Bouquet, by calling the dispatcher at (800) 601-6974.

The Wacky World Of The Scorpio Goddess

One thing about scorpios, is that if you spoil us, we will never forget it. Of course, if you get on our bad side we won’t forget that either. Trust me, you don’t want to be on my shit list, ever. But we are talking about spoiling right? I love to be spoiled, and I like a lot of weird shit. One of those weird things is Poo Pourri which is… well, maybe just check out the link. I’ve been dying to try some, so you know… if you wanted to gift me some, I’ll let you know how I like it. Promise, kay? Other things I love are black garlic (so good), absinthe (orgasmic!), grass fed beef (moo!), wine (gift baskets), anything Game of Thrones related, and since “winter is coming” I need another pair of these: Mukluk boots. They’re so comfy and warm and they look adorable with stretchy pants!

I will also accept gift cards from:

Bath and Body Works

The Body Shop



So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re probably wondering what Mistress Brighton is doing for her birthday? Well there will definitely be cake, and lots of it! Aside from that, I haven’t decided, but I can assure you there will be food, drinks, and possibly cock involved. Maybe even some boobies, who doesn’t like boobies? But I will leave the details of that, for the “after party” blog post. Until then, I would love to hear from you and discuss all things debauchery and degradation. Maybe even a little special Birthday girl worship session? You know I like those. Call me at 800-601-6975 and let’s chat! Bye for now.

Mistress Brighton