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Play pass the penis with Miss Brighton and the Mistresses of Stroke For Me! 1-800-601-6975

Happy Stroketember! Now buckle up buttercup we have a lot of ground to cover. And the first thing is, that Stroke For Me is our September site of the month, and I would love to play pass the penis with all of you!

Play Pass The Penis With The Stroke For Me Femdoms

I have always loved doing multi-mistress phone sex calls, and group sessions where we edge your cock! So why not do a multi-mistress pass the penis phone sex session with five or more ladies and let us guide, stroke, tease, edge, and torment your cock. How pass the penis works is slightly different than a 2 or more mistress call. You pick the number of Mistresses, or dispatch can randomly select as many ladies as you want, and then the dispatcher will pass you and your penis from one Mistress to the next, usually for 10 minutes each. Now here’s the kicker: The LAST Mistress you speak to, gets to decide whether or not you get to cum!

No Cheating On Pass The Penis!

If you can’t follow directions or keep your hands off, obviously that would ruin the game! We want to be able to play with you and extend your excitement. So hands off if Mistress says hands off, and no cheating and stroking while on hold for dispatch. I know what you boys do sometimes when you’re waiting to be connected, yep! Sometimes you get so horny you pop and then the mood has passed, that’s no fun for anyone, so no touchy the penis until we say so!

Stroke For Me Before I Pass Your Penis

I got into Femdom and phone sex because I like dominating men, and their dicks, and playing with cocks! Guided masturbation is way more fun than just hammering furiously to completion alone. You get that extra thrill that someone on the other end of the line can hear your breathing, your moans and depending on how loud you fap, your stroking. The most exciting thing about pass the penis and stroking for Mistress, is that each Mistress has her own style of JOI, and jerk off instruction with multiple Mistresses can bring you joy! Or agony.. just be forewarned that you can get denied as the last Mistress gets to choose your fate.

Stroke For Me And Pass The Penis Games

Having an audience watch you stroke your cock, can be fun, humiliating, and thrilling for all the exhibitionists. And it’s a big part of what makes Domination phone sex so great! Remember that it’s better to save all your showing off for the session, because that makes it special… and also because if you want your dick to be seen, it’s more polite to ask for permission, and consent is sexy! Here’s another idea: pass the penis or a private stroke session on skype where you CAN show off!

Can’t call? Try sexy texting!

Can You Play Pass The Penis On Skype?

The answer is YES! Now you need to set everything up with dispatch first, so be prepared ahead of time and if you have a pass the penis dream team, reach out to the Mistresses and make sure they are available! Make sure your skype is INSTALLED and working. Seriously… don’t embarrass yourself. Okay let’s talk about all the sppppeeeeciallllsss!

Stroke For Me Is Our Site Of The Month For September… AND…

Hour long calls are $20 off! For the whole month for Stroketember phone sex! Do an hour or longer call and get the discount, but wait there’s more!!!! Early bird special is continuing in September. 3am – 9am Eastern, all 10 minute phone sex calls are 20.00 and you can add time and still get a discount on the first 10. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!!! Wednesdays this month all 20 minute calls are $45 from 2pm to 6pm Eastern!………. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! Double perks points day is September 22nd, double perks points on all calls, not a member of Enchantrix Perks yet? Go join!

Pass The Penis Guided Masturbation With The Stroke For Me Mistresses

Okay stroker boy toys I wanna hear from you! One on one or Mistress gang bang makes no difference to me, just get your ass over here! Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Stroke Mistress Brighton. Happy hand humping!



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