Ms. Brighton wants to play pass the penis with you!  800-601-6975

Ms. Brighton wants to play pass the penis with you! 800-601-6975

Let’s face it. Men love showing off their dicks. Whether it’s for a laugh, or they show off their cocks because they think their meat wands are going to turn us on and make us want them ie: sending unwarranted dick pics to women who never asked for them in the first place. And honestly the latter, I’ve always found amusing, to be very honest. If you want to turn me on, you’re going to have to do a lot more than show me your cock. However, there are exceptions to the rule; times when it is acceptable for you to show off and “pass it around.”

Now Is The Time For Your Penis To Shine

You’ve dreamt of it, you’ve wished for it, and now your moment is finally here. What am I referring to? Why, pass the penis of course! That’s right boys, if you’ve ever wanted to wave your swizzle stick around, now you can do just that, when you play pass the penis, with the mistresses of LDW!  For the month of August, LDW is offering a special discounted promo packages for those of you who like to have your dicks handled by multiple mistresses.

So Many Ways To Pass The Penis

Not only is it exciting to masturbate for a group of mistresses, being passed from one domina to the next, taunted and teased, but you can add so many different dynamics to your experience. Do you like to be spanked? You can set up a pass the peen session and the Enchantrix ladies will instruct you on how to spank, when to spank, and whether or not you’re allowed to touch that cock. Or maybe you like a little anal play to get your motor running. If you have toys, each mistress can give you instructions on what to stick up your starfish, and when. If you DON’T have toys, don’t worry, the ladies here are very creative, and no doubt they can find something for you to insert into your bum hole.  You can even add webcam if you like to be watched while you’re being passed off!

Ready To Join Us For A Sausage Toss?

Whatever your kink, pass the penis is a fun game for both you, and the mistresses. And the best part is, we get to decide whether or not you get to cum, at the end of your ptp session. So do you dare to leave the fate of your cock, your ass, and your orgasm in our hands? Call 800-356-6169 and tell the lovely dispatcher on duty that you want to play pass the penis, and let’s get started! I hope I get to play with you!

Until next time…

Mistress Brighton