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Mistress Brighton is available to party for the LDW 20th Anniversary of phone sex! 1-800-601-6975

We have arrived from spoopy to No Nut November and this blog is being posted on rollback day! All phone sex calls today are 1.99 per minute for the first 30 minutes, our gift to you for being awesome customers! Today is not just a great day to call me because of rollback day, but also because if you try to call me tomorrow I might be naked dancing on a table or stuffing my face with birthday cake. So check out the phone sex news and get your shenanigans in today!

November LDW 20th Anniversary Phone Sex

LDW 20th Anniversary Of Phone Sex

But before we get into the birthday shenanigans, very important! You have lots of ways to get either discounted or FREE phone sex. Did I say free? Yes I said free. If you miss today’s rollback pricing, you will have 3 more chances to get 1.99 per minute for your first 30 phone sex minutes. Please check out Mistress Harper’s Calendar and handy dandy rollback dates graphic! In case you can’t see the graphics, November 5th (TODAY), 16th, 25th, 29th are your rollback days. And about the free minutes….

Rollback Days And Mistress Days – Free Phone Sex

There are 13 Mistresses and you can get 10 minutes free with every last one of em! Starting with Mistress Lena on Monday, check the calendar, follow our twitters, and get ready! Now here’s the boring rules part: You must be a return caller to get the 10 minutes free. If you’re not, call today and remedy that! You can only get your 10 free ONE TIME with each Mistress on their Mistress Day. So if you call back and try to cheat dispatch will smack you. Not really but they will tell you that you get no more freebies. Don’t forget to check Enchantrix Perks Events page  because a lot of this promo info is posted there. And here’s a lovely picture of your 13th Mistress Day Mistresses!

Sissy School Site Of The Month

Oh yeah! Sissy School is new and improved so check that out and let us know how you like the new site!

Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday is tomorrow, I am not sure if I will be taking calls or not, so in the immortal words of Lucy Lu from Keel Beel: NOW’S THE FUCKING TIME! You’re more than welcome to send amazon, etsy or uber eats gift cards to my email brighton@enchantrixempire.com or buy something off my wishlist to wish me happy birthday. Happy birthday to all my scorpios!  I’m also going on vacation this month… at some point… soon. LOL My availability during vacation week will depend on who’s in the hot tub with me or yelling like a bitch because I am playing pin the dildo on the… okay you get what I’m saying yes? So look out for tweets or a blog when that time comes. I will be celebrating my “several hundred” years on this wonderful earth, and yes there will be cake. But don’t worry! You have plenty of time to fuck a cake for me between now and November 30th… *cough cough*MelonFucker*cough*  if you’re into sploshing phone sex and food play! And it’s a yearly tradition that every time someone says “shenanigans” you have to take a shot. If you’re not a drinker you can have a shot of soda or something lolololol.

Femdom Food Humiliation

Femdom Food Humiliation just in time for Thanksgiving! 1-800-601-6975

What Are You Waiting For? Call Me!

I’m on for calls like… right now. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. For skype email me first so I know you want a text session. Thanks!


Mistress Brighton