Mistress Brighton Birthday Shenanigans

It’s time for birthday shenanigans and scorpio season with Mistress Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

It’s that special time of year again, the one that makes me all warm and fuzzy… my birthday! Scorpio season is well under way and I will be celebrating 500 years of life and I don’t look a day over 27…. *snortlaugh*

Birthday Shenanigans

While it’s not mandatory, it’s my job to tell you that I do enjoy getting prezzies! So this year to avoid overloading the post office, and the LDW office, just send gift cards. You can send me amazon gift cards or etsy gift cards, because I just found out a few months back, that etsy has e-gift cards! Send all e-gift cards to brighton@enchantrixempire.com and I will happily buy myself something pretty with them!

Phone Sex Shenanigans

I will be on for calls at some point this year… HAR!!!! Kidding… kidding. I took a break because I was contemplating leaving the planet. When I couldn’t find a spaceship I settled for a pillow fort and white wine sangria. This year has been a whopper for like… mental health? So I hope you guys are taking your mental health seriously and seeing a medical professional if you need to. In the meantime I might be on sometime tonight! IF you do not see me on, you can email me at the above email address, and you can also order custom audios and phone sex texting and virtual texting sessions. Just make sure I’m available before booking a session. How do you do that? YOU EMAIL ME TO MAKE SURE I’M NOT SNORTING country time lemonade off of someone’s asscrack while inhaling tequila… which may also be happening.

Birthday Shenanigans

Mistress Brighton Phone Sex Enchantrix Tease 1-800-601-6975

Email Packages

Don’t send walls of text unless you want me to drop you in a piranha filled fish tank, kay? Instead, pay for an email package! That way I can ensure you get your questions answered, fantasies acknowledged, boner de-boned, while also ensuring my goddamned sanity. *bats eyelashes and smiles sweetly* If you’re new and want to also send me some cool factuals about you without risking being eaten by piranhas, you can fill out the pre-call questionnaire which is totally free to use.

The Halloween Blog Train

BIG BIG Thank you to all the Mistresses that participated in a friggin kick ass blog train last month! Did you miss any of it, or you were hiding because you were a scared little bitch? Well go read it now, with the lights on if you need to: Halloween Blog Train.

LDW 18th Anniversary

Also!!!! LDW’s birthday is this month, and we’re doing 10 mins for 18$ on special days, and 60 minutes for 125$ discounted from er… is it 150? You will need to keep an eye on our Enchantrix Perks site for the days of the specials. And by the way enchantrix perks is also where you sign up for enchantrix rewards! Because who doesn’t like rewards eh?

Visit Enchantrixperks.com to find out more!

A Big Thank You… TO YOU!!!

I’d like to thank my callers for being fucking amazing over the past uh…. dammit it’s been 5 years! Yeah, thanks for being fabulous for the past five years and for calling me and for being crazy enough to join in my anti-social insanity. Thank you for making me laugh until I nearly snorted water out of my nose, and THANK YOU for being as enthusiastic about doing depraved sexual acts and fucking food for my enjoyment! I appreciate you guys. You’re all like my internet besties that aren’t invited to my house. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I heart you lots and I hope that I get to celebrate scorpio season with you, and hey lets all maybe get through the rest of this year and have some fun. Smooches! Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Miss Brighton.


Mistress Brighton

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