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I adore sissies in the same way that I adore setting men’s balls on fire… That’s a joke I never actually set anyone’s balls on fire. Anyway! I have a reputation for being outspoken, so I need to remind you of a few things, and advise caution and sissy etiquette. See: How to avoid being an asshole. Because I would hate for you to have a bad experience with a Mistress, because you got a little too comfortable and forgot your manners, and she karate chopped you in the taint with an electric fly zapper.

Safe Space For Sissies Also Means Safe Space For Mistress

My space, is a safe space for me (no not the ancient social media site), and it’s a safe space for many people who call me. So here’s the thing guys, I know most of you have the attention span of an ant when you’re horny and you’re only thinking about YOUR fantasy and YOUR wants and desires. You also sometimes forget that you are also talking to other human beings who might not be into some of the same things you’re into, and might find your fetishization of certain things offensive. The last thing you want to do, is piss off your favorite Mistress and discover that she no longer wishes to speak to you because you blurted something out in poor taste. That’s not a threat. I get it. You have fantasies that tap dance on the wilder side of consent. Everyone makes mistakes, so please just take the correction, and me saying that there are some things that are going to be either triggering to me, or triggering to people who are dear to me. And the last thing you want to do is piss me off. So why don’t we just get right down to it: Please stop using spade symbols.

Sissies And Their Obsession With Black Men’s Weiners

I just kinda… need you to understand, that some black men, may not find your flirting and gushing at them with the use of spade symbols, very appealing. Actually… if you understood the history behind that, it’s really a gross way to express your desire for black men. Not to be the “I’M A SISSY WHO LOVES BLACK DICKITY DICK DACK DICK” debbie downer, but this particular behavior is a turn off. So yes, I’m gonna be “that Mistress” that tells you to cut it the fuck out.

Have You Heard This Before?

Oh I’d bet money you have, and you didn’t listen, or you ignored it because the person telling you was someone you regarded as subhuman and beneath you. Also… gross. I also know some of you get very comfortable talking to Mistresses about your fantasies – and why yes, that is what we are here for – however you need to start considering respecting boundaries first. The same way I’d yell at you for thinking pictures of your tiny caged penis might turn me on, I will yell at you if you regard other human beings as animals for your erection. Didn’t think of it that way did you? Didn’t think about it at all actually did you? You now have that on your conscience. Along with the unsolicited “Hey lemme send Mistress a pic of my dick because I bet she’ll think it’s as awesome as I do.” STOP.

sissy pageant

Your Fantasies Are YOUR Fantasies

Listen you can get mad at me for stating that which needed to be said, and tell me to fuck off, to which I will tell you to have the day you deserve and go fuck your own self. I have to write blogs like this at least once or twice a year, because some horny meat puppet wanted to share something that could have stayed in the draft pile. I’ve had people get angry with me because I do blasphemy kink, because “what about my relliiigggiooonnnnaaah!” Jesus Christ in peanut butter… So like treating people like human beings is way higher up on my priority list, than you getting offended that I like to fuck jesus in the ass with a crucifix dildo. Go cry about it. This includes people regardless of what color or gender or sexual orientation they are. I bet you wouldn’t walk up to a black man and float spade emojis over your head and tell him you’re a *CENSORED* because I don’t think he’d find you at all amusing or nice. So how bout you quit being a wackjob and do your research before spewing really gross creepy ship?

In Phone Sex Session Vs. Out Of Session

Now before you start crying like a little bitch because I just ruined your fantasy, consider the fact that I don’t care? My job 9 out of 7 days of the week is to offend people, and holy fuck I’m good at it! When you’re paying for my time, yes I’m going to listen to you; yes we can talk about whatever insane fucking crazy fantasy you have, including BBC creampies (within certain limits); yes if you want to suck big black cock while Miss Brighton schtups you with her big golden lady cock; yes if you want to be gang banged by whomever we can totally do that in our roleplay. Because like… that’s also my job? Making sure you’re happy on your call. But can you just please not, use that ugly fucking symbol when you’re speaking to me on social media or anywhere else? Do you guys not realize we have black women working here, some of which have black men partners, neither of which would not find your total disregard for their wellbeing, attractive? I get that’s hard for you to grasp, but you’re gonna have to plow through it and suck it up. Because when I see some of the stuff on twitter, I’m gonna be honest…. YIKES, is the tamest thing I have to say about it.

Can’t call? Try sexy texting!

I’m Not Here To Police Other Dommes

If you have a relationship with another phone Dominatrix who is comfortable with you using certain terminologies in their presence, that’s their issue and your issue and you can go talk to them about it. I do not have the time or the energy to police other people – nor would I want that goddamn job. In my presence when it comes to the above, watch your fucking mouth. Are we 100% clear on that? No context, I don’t wanna hear about the who’s what’s and why’s, just stop being a fucking cuntface. I cannot possibly make this anymore clear.

Phone Calls With A Mistress Who Doesn’t Hold Her Tongue?

I know you don’t like being told what to do unless you’re wearing panties and a wig – and I don’t take any ship from men either so I guess we’re even there. So now that we’ve had sharing and caring time, if you’re seething with rage, or offended, or hurt, or whatever’d and you’re having a “who the hell do you think you are/how dare you shame my kink (btw.. asking you to not be a racist pos… is not kink shaming)/you’re going to hell!” moment, and now you’re crying and I’m the asshole, this is where I offer you the opportunity to tell me off for cents a minute. Because that’s literally the only way I will listen to your nonsense drivel on the subject. You already know I won’t read your brain draining walls of text, so pick up the phone, weirdo.  Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. And for cents a minute, you get to hear me say this to you:


Mistress Brighton

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