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Welcome to the 2021 Halloween blog train! Miss Cassidy started us off, and now it’s time for a dark journey into the town of Stepford. A beautiful gated community, with a terrible secret, that every stepford sissy knows, but never tells.

The Sissy Trap Room

Many things had changed in Stepford over the years, including the implementation of the bi-annual stepford sissy purge. The sissy purge was an event coordinated by the women founders of Stepford, and was a way to keep the men on the straight and narrow. It was also a cruel form of punishment for anyone who broke the rules in Stepford, or was caught trespassing. Many men had failed to heed the warnings of anyone with a penis disappearing in the town. None of the men that went missing in Stepford were ever found.

This Year Was A Little Different And A Lot More Scary When The Sissy Trap Room Was Announced To The Players

The six men in the room looked around in the darkness, trying to make out where they were and what was happening. They did not know that they were being watched, through special night vision cameras. All six of them jumped, when the buzz of  the tv screen coming to life, illuminated the room. A beautiful brunette with streaks of red in her hair, and hazel green eyes, appeared on the screen, smiling a feral smile. “Welcome to stepford,” she said sweetly, “I’m sure you’re wondering what you’re doing here, and you are anxious to get out of this room. Let me tell you how to do that.”

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Halloween Sissy Trap Room

The lights in the room came on one by one, revealing 6 vanity tables, 6 armoire closets, and a large wood burning incinerator connected to the East wall. “You’re going to play dress up!” she exclaimed excitedly. “Please remove all boy clothing, and place the items in the incinerator. You have 60 seconds to complete this task.”  That’s when one of the men noticed the digital timer, clicking to life above their heads. The first man began stripping, and the others followed, all except for one. “I’m not doing this, I demand to know why I’m here!” he cried. 30 seconds left. The other 5 men hurriedly stripped and placed their clothes into the incinerator, and waited, naked, covering their junk with their hands. The other man scoffed, “they can’t do anything, this is kidnapping! You’re all going to jail for this when the cops come looking for us!”

The Timer Hit Zero In The Sissy Trap Room

A loud buzzer went off, the television flickering to life. The woman on the screen seemed to be looking right at them, her eyes stopped when she saw the one man still dressed. She looked at him with an expression of disdain, “player 3 has not completed his task. Player 3 goes into the box.” The room went dark, there was a loud crashing sound and then the floor dropped several feet, knocking all the men to the ground. Then the screaming of player 3 was heard. First in the room, and then further away. When the lights came back on, player 3 was gone, and the room was just as it had been before. The furnace ignited, to their horror, burning all their boy clothes.

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Once Again The Room Was Silent

The men in the sissy trap room looked around horrified. “Hey, what.. what happened to him?” one man asked. Just then, the tv came to life, the smiling brunette slowly surveying each naked man. “Good job, boys!” You past the first round, now it’s time for your foundation.” The armoires lit up, doors opening automatically. “Put on the bra, panties, and garters you find inside. Do it quickly, but make sure not to get any runs in your stockings! You have 60 seconds, to complete this task.” The timer started, and the panicked men, not knowing what happened to player 3, sprung into action.

Sissy Trap Dress Up Race

Each man rushed to put on their lingerie, and then finally the hosiery. They tried as carefully as they could, but the clock was ticking. One of the players was a little too overzealous, and popped a hole in his stockings. “Oh no,” he whispered, “no no no no no..” The tv screen once again came to life. “Player 4 has ripped their stockings. Player 4 goes into the box.” Terrified, the men scrambled to their armoires, holding on and trying not to rip their stockings. Player 4 tried to run, but the room went black. “Noooo please, I can do it, I can just give me another… Nooooo!” The floor dropped, and when the lights came back on, another player was gone, and the timer had reached zero. “Player 2 has ripped his stockings…” her voice began. The player, realizing what was about to happen, leapt into his armoire in an attempt to save himself. “Player 2 goes into the box.”

Sissy Trap Race Of Terror

Whatever was happening to the players that failed their task when the lights went out, the armoire was not going to stop it. There was a clamoring of dresser doors, and the sound of player 2 being dragged across the floor, before the floor dipped again, and he was gone. The 3 remaining men, looked down in a panic when the lights came back on, to be certain they weren’t next. “Congratulations! You completed your assignment, with no rips, runs, or holes in your stockings. Here’s your next task: Put on the pink satin slippers in your closets, and sit down at the vanity tables. It’s time to put on a pretty Stepford face! Apply your lipstick, and eyeliner, but be careful! If you smudge your makeup, or fail to put it on perfectly, you will not be able to continue playing dress up. You have 60 seconds to complete this assignment.”

Put On A Sissy Face… Better Hurry!

“This is insane!” one of the men cried. The room was dimly lit, so it was difficult to make out the tubes of makeup on the dresser. To the best of their ability, the men put on lipstick and liner. Panicked sobbing could be heard from the room. The buzzer went off, their time was up. The room went to full lighting again, revealing all three men had finished putting on their makeup. “Very good, boys! Or should I say gurls? You have completed this assignment satisfactorily. Now it’s time for your final assignment. Now put on your wigs, located on the mannequins, and put on your dresses.”

Sissy Dress Up Completion

The 3 men put their wigs and dresses on, all three turning to look at the full length mirror, horrified to see their once masculine appearance, now feminized. One sissy gasped, another began sobbing into his hands. The brunette’s face appeared once more on the screen, smiling and giggling. “Very good, sissies! Now, it’s time for you to learn how you’re going to get out of this room, and, I’m sure, you would like to know what happened to the other 3 men.”  Three panels opened up in the floor, with spotlights over each one. Emerging from each square shaped hole, was an absolutely perfect, almost doll like, blonde, busty, pink lipped woman in a tight pink minidress and heels. Their skin like porcelain, their make up flawless. Nails and toenails perfectly sculpted. The three sissies stared at the doll like women in disbelief, and then at each other. “Wh-what is this??” One sissy asked.

Their Identities Revealed

“These are our newest residents of Stepford!” The brunette said with a bubbly grin. “But you might remember them, as players 2, 3, and 4, respectfully. The Doctors and robotics engineers have been hard at work, implanting them with tracking microchips, and making and molding them into the perfect, stepford wives.” She turned on the screen and looked right at the sissies, “and you can be too, perfect, just like them, and live a happy life at Stepford, as my servants.”  The sissies couldn’t believe their eyes. The women looked so real, yet doll like, and then one of them came to life, with an animated smile, and spoke, in a very lilting, and sweet voice. “I’m so happy now that I’m a real stepford girl,” she said, “my name is trixie, this is betsy, and suzie, and when you go through the machine, you’ll get girl names too.”

Sissy Trap Horror

“I don’t want to be a girl!” one of the sissies shrieked. You said if we played dress up we could get out of here and go home!” The woman on the screen laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And as she laughed, the new stepford girls began giggling, too. “I said you could get out of this room,” she began when she stopped laughing, “I never said anything about leaving stepford…..” There was a metal grinding sound, as the floor slowly lowered down to the last level, the wall panels sliding away, to reveal the deep underground Stepford sissy laboratory, and the team of Doctors and nurses, specially trained in sissy transformation and mind control. “Unlike the three losers here,” The brunette waved her hand to the sissy bots, “you will keep most of your memories. Theirs have been erased, and their memory storage will be repurposed for servitude here. But you three, since you were able to follow directions, and complete your sissy dress up play, you will keep your memories… but you will be programmed as pleasure sissies.”

Halloween 2021

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A Worse Fate?

The three remaining sissies realized that keeping their memories might be worse than having them erased, but it was too late. Before they could run or think of escaping, each felt a sharp pinch, and then everything went black. All they could hear, was the sweet brunette’s voice in their ears. “Your lives will have purpose now, and your pleasure holes, will know no end, of filling.”

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Do you like dark, twisted sissy stories (AND MEAN SADISTIC FEMDOMS)? If you want to continue this story in a one on one roleplay, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Oh me oh my! I hope I didn’t scare you too much, because we still have many more stops on the Halloween blog train. And your next stop, is Mistress Olivia. And she has a wicked puzzle for you to solve, if you want to get out…


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