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Jeff couldn’t understand why his friend had gotten so wound up over the portraits, and the mystery woman they saw at the museum. He would soon find out, as it was now Halloween and there was a big party planned at the Locktober Museum. All the guests that had visited the museum, were invited back for the party. Jeff was excited, especially so because he wanted to know who the last Mistress exhibit would be.

The Stepford Mistress Exhibit

He read the pamphlet as he got ready, describing the last exhibit before the party. Jeff had seen some pretty strange things, but unlike his friend, he laughed off the warnings. After all he had made it back home a few nights ago, and nothing strange had happened to him at all. No spooky Mistress had locked him away in the museum, he hadn’t been locked in chastity; nor had he been beaten in the cbt exhibit or turned into human furniture. All of the exhibits were mind blowing, and very creative. Yet he was sort of bummed that “nothing” had happened, after hearing about how the wax museum was haunted, and the strange behavior of his friend after they left. He concluded, that the naked man running screaming through the halls, and the other strange things he had seen, were probably staged.

Halloween Horrors At The Locktober Museum

Jeff was about to add the finishing touches to his costume, when the doorbell rang. He opened the door, to find a very bubbly, giggly blonde standing there, wearing a pink stewardess outfit, and looking like something out of a barbie doll ad. “Oh!” she exclaimed excitedly, “you’re home! I was so worried I missed you.” Jeff’s eyes scanned over the curvy blonde, her full tits squeezed into the tight pink uniform. Full pouty, glossy pink lips and big blue eyes with full dark lashes, blinked back and him and smiled brightly. She handed him a wrapped white box, with a blue satin ribbon and a gift card attached. “This is for tonight. Mistress thought it would be appropriate.”

A Mysterious Present

He took the box from her and stared from her to the box, puzzled. “Thank you ah…”

“Trixie! My name’s Trixie now- I mean yeah it’s my name,” she replied, followed with a giggle.

“Trixie, but I didn’t order anything.”

“Miss just said to deliver it after she…” Trixie’s voice trailed off.

“After? After she what?” Jeff inquired.

The blonde fidgeted uncomfortably, “can’t say, she will show you at the party. Bye!” Before Jeff could inquire further, she took off down his driveway, and scampered off around the corner.

Curiouser And Curiouser

After the blonde ran off, Jeff took the box upstairs and opened the gift card. On one side it read, “welcome to Stepford,” and on the other side, in italicized script, it read “for tonight.” He shrugged and lifted off the lid, unfolding the brightly colored tissue paper, to reveal another note, and a pink apron teddy, with matching thigh high stockings. “Bring this with you, and meet me at the Stepford exhibit.”  Jeff scoffed, and then lifted the flimsy fabric up to get a better look. It was too small and too skimpy to even think it was for him, so Jeff decided to himself, that maybe the Mistress had a night of seduction in store for him.

Arriving At The Museum

The front double doors were locked, when he pulled on them, but he could hear music and voices, coming from somewhere inside. Ringing the buzzer and smoothing the front of his count dracula costume, he waited for someone to open the door for him. Another moment passed, Jeff pulling on the handle, and pushing the buzzer a second time. There was a rumble under his feet, and a deep distorted voice, saying something unintelligible. And then finally the door opened. He recognized one of the Mistresses, who looked him up and down, before smiling. “Welcome Jeff,” she said. She opened the door wider to let him in, and as he stepped inside, he heard her mumble something under her breath.

A Return To The Locktober Museum

He ignored the mumbling, assuming she was just talking to herself, and then he let his eyes focus, in the indoor lighting, and noticed something strange. The museum looked as if it had been rearranged, which was impossible, considering the size and the elaborate scale of some of the exhibits. The air also smelled different, and as he followed the woman to where the Stepford exhibit and party would be, he was certain he was beginning to hallucinate. Many of the wax sculptures seemed much more realistic, and the femdom paintings also appeared to be watching him. And then he passed the hall of mirrors, and what he saw when he looked at his reflection, disturbed him to his core.

The Reflection Never Lies

He didn’t see himself, no. He saw what looked to be a tall, busty blonde, wearing heels and lingerie. Jeff stopped in his tracks, and turned to face the mirror, which matched his every move. He stepped closer, opening and closing his mouth, turning left and right, wiggling his fingers. This has to be one of those cgi joke mirrors, he thought to himself, but it still made him uncomfortable. He hurried down the hall, turning the corner and finding the Mistress was waiting for him rather impatiently, tapping her foot. The music and laughter grew, as they got closer. Jeff blowing off what he saw and getting more excited to see what everyone’s costumes would look like.  The Mistress opened the door to the banquet hall, revealing streamers, flashing disco lights, and a party well under way. Jeff made a b-line for the drinks and snacks, helping himself to some punch, and then looking around.


This She-Devil throws one hell of a party!

The Stepford Mistress

He finally saw her. The mystery woman that had spooked his friend… wait… where was Arnie? Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen or heard from Arnie since that night, and he looked around and hadn’t seen him at the party. But the brunette was there, dancing near the DJ booth with none other than Trixie, who had delivered his “gift.” That’s when Jeff realized something strange. There were no men at this party. No men, save for him. The music changed, and the Mistress stopped dancing, turning toward him and heading in his direction. “Jeffrey! I’m so glad you could make it,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks, uh, I was wondering if you’ve seen Arnie? The guy I was with the other night at the museum?”

The Mistress looked confused, “Arnie?”  Jeff nodded, “yes he was with me when-”

“Ohhhhh, you mean Arina!” she replied, “oh she’s here.”

Jeff shook his head, “nnno, no I meant Ar-” he turned just in time to see another blonde sauntering toward him. “Hi Jeff, we’re happy you agreed to be here.”

Puzzled, Jeff stared at her, “who are you?”

The woman laughed, “it’s me silly, Arina, don’t you remember?”

Shaking his head, Jeff replied, “I don’t know any Arina, I only know Arnie, and you’re not him.”

“You mean, her,” she offered.

“No… I mean… come on what is this a joke??”

“Jeff… Dearest sweet Jeffrey, did you bring your outfit?” he heard The Mistress say from behind him. Then he remembered, the bag on his arm, holding the skimpy teddy. He turned to face her. “I have it, but why would you give me that?” The music had softened, Jeff looked around and noticed all the women in attendance were now staring at him. Jeff started to back away. The Mistress took a step toward him, and lifted the bag from his shoulder. And then very casually replied, “that’s what you agreed to wear tonight, after you join us, and your laser procedure is completed.”

“M-my what???!” he answered, his voice reaching a slight higher than normal pitch.

The Science Behind The Stepford Sissies

She smiled, “the procedure all the men who attend the Locktober Halloween party agree to upon entering the museum. You signed a waiver, every man who entered these halls had to sign a liability waiver… that gives me the rights to your body, and permission to administer the procedure,” she said calmly. “Memory loss is normal after you start taking the pre-surgery medication I prescribed.”

Jeff’s heart dropped, and he shook his head violently, “no… I didn’t agree to any such thing!” He backed away, and then heard a bubbly Trixie chime in.

“Uh oh, doctor, I think Jeffy Weffy is about to pop!”

He looked at them wide eyed, “doctor??”

Suddenly a flood of memories came back to him. He remember how strange Arnie had been acting, and the call he got a week prior, and the pill bottle on his nightstand that the doctor had prescribed to help him sleep. Arnie had told him that the mysterious Locktober Mistress, had been a doctor at Stepford, and that all the men in stepford, had been turned into sissies. He stared at Arnie, and suddenly he recognized the face, even though he was more feminine now, and everything else about him was different.

There had been something else, he was sure of it. Something about a hallucinogenic drug that all the subjects were given, that made them see things that weren’t there, and hear things, and feel things, and then it hit him: All of the Mistresses at the Locktober Museum, worked for Stepford. The bone room curator, the amazon futanari, the mysterious victorian doll. Even the friendly dominant pumpkin carver. All of them were sissification specialists, at the Stepford clinic. The museum was simply a cover, to acquire more men to sissify. It all came back to him, Jeff shaking his head in disbelief. “No, this isn’t real, none of this is real and I’m getting out of here!”

Fucking Off With Brighton

Locktober comes to a close, and you will be staying with us, forever! 1-800-601-6975

No Way Out For Sissies

But when Jeff tried to run for the doors, his path was blocked by four other Mistresses, all smiling sweetly. “We want to help you, Jeff..”

He turned and looked for a window to escape through, but there were none. Then he heard the laughter, but it wasn’t coming from the women in the room, however someone, was laughing hysterically at his predicament. And then he understood, there was only one way out of this room. And as a secret hatch opened up, in the center of the floor, Jeff knew what was about to happen to him. He screamed as the women grabbed him, and tried to fight them off, but his body was weak, and he felt himself getting drowsy. What had they done to him… then he remembered, the fruit punch with apples in it. He knew now he’d been set up, or maybe just maybe, he had agreed to something he couldn’t remember. And as the women blindfolded Jeff, and escorted him to the laboratory below, Jeff surrendered to the sedative in the punch, and was out cold.

A New Life In Stepford

A news reporter stood outside the gates, snapping pictures. It had now been several months since the fateful Locktober Museum had closed. None of the men that had attended had ever been found. It was one of Locktobers unsolved mysteries. He was covering the case of the locktober museum, and any link it may have had to the town of Stepford. Continuing to snap photos for his news report, he was about to turn and leave, when he saw a woman standing at the gates, waving. “Hi there!” she said excitedly. “Oh, hello, I didn’t think anyone would be here, I’m just collecting some information for a report I’m doing.. do you work here?”

The woman nodded and smiled, “it’s been pretty quiet since Locktober when the museum was closed, but there’s still some staff here.”

Her answer puzzled the reporter, who knew for a fact that the grounds were closed pending an investigation. He crumpled his face, “I thought this place was closed,” he said, and then he had a lightbulb moment. Before he could ask, the woman responded, “would you like to take a look around inside? Some of the old exhibits are still up, and it’s quiet today, so I don’t think the Doctor will mind.”

The reporter couldn’t believe his ears, but decided he would play whatever little game this cute blonde was playing, and make a new acquaintance. She opened the gate for him, and beckoned him to follow her. He walked alongside his soon to be new lady friend, oblivious to the closing gate locking behind him, and walked with her up the steps. “So what’s your name, if you don’t mind my asking?”

The cute blonde turned her head towards him and giggled. “My name is Jeena, welcome to the museum!”


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Halloween journey and virtual trick or treat adventure with us. This is your last stop on the Halloween blog train! If you are looking for the Locktober Museum Mistresses, you can call us! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and let the dispatchers know you followed the blog train and who you would like to speak with. Happy Halloween!!!!


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