The Christmas Fairy

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It’s time for your next stop on the Holiday blog train…. ME!!! If you have not already done so, get caught up with Mistress Constance. Our last stop was Mistress Riley and the magic candy cane, and now it’s time to visit a fairy… The Christmas Fairy!

A Yearly Visit From The Christmas Fairy

“There’s no such thing as a Christmas fairy!”

Mark had had enough of his roommates teasing and trying to convince him that there was such a thing as a Christmas fairy. He had heard the countless stories of a mysterious Fairy Domme that would show up 3 days before Christmas, and grant 3 wishes. But you had to be very careful what you wish for from the Christmas fairy, because she was quite the trickster.

“Don’t you know that the hot blonde at the office used to be a man?”

The Christmas Fairy Myth

Mark’s roomie tried to convince him also, that the man known as Trevor, that had disappeared several years ago, was really the blonde at the office named Tracy. The rumor mill had been spinning the story for some time, that Tracy had seduced their boss, gotten a pretty hefty raise, and that he had dumped his girlfriend – who used to be Trevor’s girlfriend – and started a secret affair with Tracy. There was no proof to these rumors, other than the fact that Tracy had gotten promotion to a manager very quickly, and was making more than the male managers.

Getting A Raise From The Boss

The latter part really bugged Mark. He had been working at the company for over a year, and still was only an associate, and needed his chatty roommate to make ends meet. And so it came to pass, that the roommate left town to visit family, and Mark was home alone. And then the wheels started turning. “What if?” he said out loud, laying in his bed. And then he drifted off, happy to have the apartment to himself for a change.

strapon resolution

Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

The Christmas Fairy Pays A Visit

When he woke up, he knew something was off. The room was filled with red mist, and smelled of strawberries. Then he heard a mischievous giggle. At first he thought it was his tv, but when he looked, the tv was off. He stood up, and went searching for the source of the giggling. Standing in the living room, he felt a tap on the shoulder, and whirled around to find a slim brunette, wearing a red hooded cape, and a sheer red catsuit and red leather boots, standing before him. She waved, “hi there!”

Mark Meets The Christmas Fairy

“Uh… you’re not-”

She giggled, “I am!”

“How did you get in here?”

She smiled, “the same way I always get into Tre- erm.. Tracy’s house.” Whirling a gloved finger around, the mist cleared, and all the lights in the room came on. “You can call me Brighton. I hear you’re looking for a raise?”

Mark raised his hands defensively, “woah, woah, woah, listen I don’t wanna be turned into a woman just to get a raise…..” he paused, realizing what he just said. “I mean if that is even true, but I’ve been bustin my ass for a year, and I would like to make manager and get a pay bonus…. while still being a man that is.

Fairy Mistress Brighton eyed him thoughtfully, “so you want a raise, and you want a promotion, and you aren’t even a little curious what it would be like to be one of my sissies?”

He looked astounded, “what??? No! No I’m not a sissy I’m a man!”

“Are you sure, Mark?” she asked, pointing to his open laptop, which suddenly lit up. “Because your porn viewing history says otherwise… and so does your underwear drawer.”

Mark’s Sissy Secret

Mark’s face turned bright red. No one knew about his sissy bimbo porn fetish, or the collection of satin panties hidden in the back corner of his dresser. He knew he could deny it, but something told him the christmas fairy already knew all about him and his feminization fetish. His shoulders slumped, “okay look, please, I beg you, don’t turn me into a woman. I’m not even sure why I like that stuff, but I really am a real man and I would prefer to stay that way…. please?”

Brighton laughed, “oh Mark… don’t be such a pussy, you haven’t even made your wish yet. I am not going to do anything to you, until you make your first wish…. just be careful what you wish for!”

The Christmas Fairy Wish

As he stood there before the Goddess, he thought long and hard. Hesitating, but knowing now that if he went ahead with this, he could finally get rid of his annoying roommate. “Alright,” he said, “I wish for a pay increase that comes with a management promotion… while remaining a man!”

Another sinister giggle, “pay increase it is!”

Mark stammered, “wwait… but what about-”

There was a swirl of red smoke, and Mark started to feel dizzy, then he saw Brighton’s eyes glowing green as she stood before him, wagging a finger. “Only one wish at a time, Mark, you asked for a pay increase, first.”

A Christmas Fairy Fuck

After blacking out momentarily, Mark came to, and could hear himself moaning, but it wasn’t his voice, it was the voice of a woman. Like an out of body experience, Mark saw himself laying spread eagled on his bed, while the Fairy Goddess plowed into him with something long and bright red. His body tingled. He had never felt such intense pleasure. Suddenly he looked down as she was thrusting, and noticed something peculiar about his penis. For one, that it had shrunk, even though being rock hard, and as he made his very first sissy squirts, he realized he’d been tricked.

“No!!!,” he cried out in a high pitched voice, “no please I’m a real man! I’m a real man! “I’m… I’m… oh…. ohhhh I’m such a horny sissy gurl!” he screamed as he climaxed.

The Morning After

The next morning, Mark woke up and started his day like he normally would. Except none of his boy clothes fit, so he was forced to wear the girly clothing that the Fairy had left on his bed. When he got to work, it was almost as if time and space had shifted. Everyone was treating him like a girl, and like nothing had ever happened. “Morning Mary!” an enthusiastic Tracy called out, in passing. She smiled at him as she came over to his desk. “Today is your performance review, and he’s ready to see you now.” Mark blinked at her and then nodded, “yes… yes of course he is..” in his new feminine voice. And as Mark, now Mary, made her way to his office, he realized his wildest dreams were about to come true.

The Christmas Fairy Says

Happy holidays! I hope you enjoyed today’s stop on the blog train. Your next stop is Duchess Willow, so go to her blog and find out what she’s got planned for you!!! My Mistress December contest winner will be announced tomorrow, so check back here to see if you’ve won! If you would like to do a call with me, just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Fairy Princess Brighton!


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