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The Christmas Fairy – Part III

Mistress Brighton is your Christmas Fairy 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Brighton is your Christmas Fairy 1-800-601-6975

Have you been enjoying reading Trevor’s journey into otherworldly pleasures, with a wickedly delicious woman, known as the Christmas Fairy? If you have been following along, in part one of the christmas fairy, Trevor meets this beautiful, mysterious creature, and she grants his first wish. Never mind the fact that Trevor was walking funny the day after, thanks to the red woman’s magical attributes, in part two, she granted his second wish…. Or at least she said she did.

Trevor’s Christmas Fairy Makeover

Staring, slack jawed at the reflection in the mirror before him, Trevor felt a mixture of horror, and curiosity – much to his chagrin – a curiosity that made him feel conflicted. Long, dark blonde hair, green eyes, smooth porcelain skin, with a hint of freckles. He now looked exactly like every woman he’d ever dreamed xmas5of. He ran his hands over his new curves, becoming bewitched by his full breasts with perky pink nipples, a small waist and round bubble ass, Trevor didn’t imagine he knew what he was supposed to do in this new body, or what it had to do with his second wish. Slipping a hand down between his legs, was the final confirmation, that he was fully transformed, and anatomically correct. It made him think of the first encounter with the christmas fairy, and her bright red
, a thought that made him shudder.

The Red Fairy’s Master Plan

“You’d better get going, or you’ll be late for work.”   Trevor shrieked, jumping backwards when Brighton appeared in his doorway.  “I picked out some clothes
for you,” she said, ushering him back into the bedroom, to find a fitted red dress, with a plunging neckline and a split that ran up the back, matching red platform pumps, and a red lace bra and g string panties.

Trevor looked from the outfit, to Brighton, and back again, shaking his head, “I can’t wear that! And I can’t go to work looking like this, please you have to change me back!” His high, shrill tone of voice causing his hand to fly to his throat.  The christmas fairy laughed, “oh Trevor, of course you can!”  Snapping her fingers, a cloud of red smoke surrounded him… her.. and when the smoke cleared, he was standing in front of a full length mirror, wearing the clothes and heels that had been laid out for him, instantly feminized, primped, and primed. “Now here’s what’s going to happen, pet,” she said, standing behind Trevor, and trailing a finger up and down her spine, “you’re going to go to work, and you are going to seduce your boss,” she purred, into his ear, lifting up the hem of her dress, and sliding her hand between her thighs.

Tracy’s Mission Has Been Thoroughly Fingered

“You’re going to get “Trevor…” a raise, among other things, and of course once your boss sees you in your new form, as Tracy… well, I don’t have to tell you where this is going, now do I?” Trevor squeaked, as the christmas fairy, nudged her panties aside, and slid two fingers inside her. And pumped, and pumped, and pumped, until Tracy was panting, and gushing, and holding onto the wall for support. “Yes!” she cried out, as she had her first orgasm as a woman, “yes I’ll do whatever you say!”

By the time Tracy finished cumming, the red fairy was gone, she realized what she now must do, and she had exactly 10 minutes to get to work on time.

10 comments to The Christmas Fairy – Part III

  • *lays down a trail of Christmas cookie crumbs for the Christmas Fairy to follow to my house!*

  • Petey cream puff

    How lucky he is!! This is what you did to me when both you & Ms Cindy took me shopping. I didn’t want to go but both of you insisted and took me along, wearing my leggings with my knee high boots along with my pink turtle neck sweater. with Cindy putting lotion/perfume/blush on me, I got hard then you picked out bras for to wear I cried saying guys don’t wear that but both of you giggled and said I look so cute and adorable in makeup, smell pretty and look hot in the leggings/sweater along with the knee high boots. Then you had me strip and put bra on me and planted a lipstick kiss on my cheeks, my body changed right when you did that and my hair/nails and breast grew I noticed my bra filled out with d cup breasts then you both had me wear a size 6 body con sheath dress. As both of you kissed me on my cheeks I made a mess in my panties and Cindy said as long as I get hard and off I have to stay this way all the time. It looks like I will be like this for a long long time with no going back to ever being a guy as both of you have dug your nails into me with no intention of ever letting me go.

  • Mistress Amber

    Oh Miss Brighton, thay second paragraph…..our sissy sluts absolutely LIVE for that kind of transformation. To see a round ass, a whittled waist, supple breasts and little pink pussy where their sad cock used to be? What a perfect miracle to be granted such a gift from the Christmas Fairy! And to seduce a boss…..I sure wish I could watch that part, live and in color!

  • male slave

    I love u mistress, unr so gentle thats why you are dominated every man.
    I fell horny when listening your voice and u r sexy delicious.

  • male slave

    Your welcome mistress, thats why eating pussy is delicious

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