gaslighting mind control

Goddess Brighton has a gaslighting mind control program for you warped fuckers! 1-800-601-6975

Gaslighting in general is a really sh***y thing that manipulative assholy people do, and is not okay. HOWEVER!!!! As a kink, gaslighting mind control therapy, is a fun mindfuck, if mindfucking is your kink. It’s definitely in my top 10 sadistic femdom things that I like to do to submissive men. Imagine a night at Mistress Brighton’s Pavilion, go on close your eyes, let me paint a picture of what femdom with me would look like: Sploshing, strapons, ceiling fan bondage rigs, prancing sissies getting gurlie, and yours truly, driving a sub so far out of their head with mind control conversion therapy, that no doctor on earth would be able to rehabilitate them. THAT… is what control looks like to me. It’s risky, and if this is your kink you better be of sound mind and body before you enter my dungeon.

Gaslighting Mind Control

There are some really warped, fucked up people in the world, that enjoy teasing perfectly good brain cells, and sending them straight to hell. Hell’s a fun place, I vacation there every winter, one day you should join me! Oh we’re talking about mind control and gaslighting. If you’re unaware of what gaslighting is, it’s basically refuting everything a person says to the point where they start doubting what’s real, and eventually their mind breaks. AS I STATED ABOVE this is a NOT OKAY thing to do to someone EVER. The gaslighting kink, has a lot to do with those that are into really twisted mind control and erotic meditation. Wait…. *record scratching* Brighton!!! There’s a gaslighting kink? Why yes you silly goose, there’s a fetish for everything. But Brighton!!!! I don’t think that’s something I’m interested in! Psst… if you are still reading this, you just told a lie.

Sadistic Erotic Meditation

The type of erotic meditation and mind control that I enjoy, entails convincing someone to do something, by making them believe they wanted to do it all along. Think sissy bimbofication, for instance. Most manly men will tell you they wouldn’t dream of turning in their man card. Until you remind them of that one time, in band camp, when they confessed they secretly wondered what it would be like to be feminized. You want this, you just don’t know it yet.

Dark And Twisted Femdom

I keep warning you, that I am not a nice Mistress. Repeatedly I have told you, that I am a sadist, yet you’re still reading? I think someone has a deep dark kink, that makes their anus pucker, and you are in deep denial. What do you think that conflict is going to take form as, in your mind? Think of gaslighting mind control, as a form of mental virus, that lies dormant, creeps up your spine, and slowly, sweetly, contaminates each and every cell of your brain. Leaking into your mind like a toxic, black fluid that oozes into your skull. By the time  you are aware of your psychological breech, you’re already my fuck puppet.

Scary Mistress Is Scary

Halloween is every day of the year for me. Churches don’t invite me to their picnics because I keep inviting Dionysis and his rock band to the party. (Think Mary the maenad from True Bl**d) If you read this, in its entirety, and you’re still here, you should probably run away now. For the rest of you that have continued reading, I knew you wouldn’t fail me, and I’m happy you have agreed to hand over your precious mind to me, and subjugated yourself to my will. You have my permission to stop thinking, now. I know it hurts your brain doing all that thinking. Thinking is for people who are smart, and have control. You gave up control when you signed the contract I emailed to you. Oh… you forgot? But I did tell you all about it, that you wouldn’t be able to properly read this blog post, unless you signed the document, and sent it back to me. By the way, I may or may not have mentioned, that you would not remember signing over your soul, after hitting send.

You Programming Begins Now

Welcome to the darkside, fuck puppet! Your risky little endeavor has already begun, and now it’s time to call me for gaslighting mind control therapy. You know the number, but you love the affirmation. 1-800-601-6975 say the number out loud and memorize it, now dial it, and ask for Brighton. See how easy that was? Listen to the accompanying audio, to have your mind wiped. You will only remember, that you belong to me.


Mistress Brighton