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Erotic Meditation – Mind Control With A Femdom

erotic meditation

Erotic Meditation and mind control with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Erotic meditation is defined as the practice of meditation used for sexual purposes, and it’s called “erotic” for a reason. Not to be confused with the more spiritual or therapeutic forms of meditation – although sexual or tantric meditation can be very healing and good for the energy stores – many like to use erotic meditation as a form of recreational trance meditation. For a Femdom, it’s a form of mind control, designed to program a subject to suit her own desires.

Erotic Meditation

I’ve had many sensual trance masturbation sessions, where the deeper my subject went, the more needy, horny, and willing they were to please their Mistress. I like the use of triggers, such as those that elicit a physical, emotional, mental response in a submissive – and one that is so subtle, they don’t even realize what’s happening. Erotic meditation works best on those who are truly submissive on some level and have a willingness to surrender control. And trance is one of the most intimate ways to surrender your senses, body, mind, and spirit.

erotic meditation

Mind Control Meditation

There are also times when triggers can be implanted to control your subject. Imagine if you will – being home alone, or out and about, and suddenly seeing or hearing a “word” that compels you to touch yourself. Imagine if you were a submissive that enjoyed humiliation, suddenly touching and caressing yourself, in front of other adults, where you are their entertainment and have no control over your actions? Mind control and erotic meditation for consensual enjoyment can be quite titillating to watch unfold, especially when the subject doesn’t remember being programmed. Into erotic meditation and trance? Call Goddess Brighton at 1-800-601-6975 and let’s discuss your future as my mindless pleasure drone.

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

Goddess Brighton

3 comments to Erotic Meditation – Mind Control With A Femdom


    Lordess, Is this real? I’m very very open to this and would like to become mentally released to you in any way possible. If this is serious and not some joke to turn on average joes…. I’m all in on being entranced! Is this actually real? Wow! The possibilities are endless if this can be accomplished!

  • slave 9

    i always thought mind control was very erotic. The thought of the toral trust one must give to their Goddess is incredibly exciting and arousing.

  • I am very interested in being programmed. Maybe I already am and don’t know it?

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