Mistress Brighton's New Years Resolutions For 2020

Mistress Brighton’s New Years Resolutions For 2020 1-800-601-6975

What are Mistress Brighton’s New Years Resolutions for 2020? I don’t fucking make resolutions, as I stated in Mistress Harper’s whore school chat. A resolution is a sure fire way to ensure that you do not do whatever the thing is that you were going to rootin tootin resolute! However I do have some things I really want to do in 2020. And my advice for 2020 for everybody! Buckle down and listen up sluts!

Mistress Brighton’s New Years Resolutions For 2020

You read correctly, I do NOT enjoy making resolutions. Resolutions are for people who want to sound like they’ve got their lives together. I am a grown woman and I do not yet have my life together, and getting your life together is something you do daily, not just once a fartin year when you want to sound important. The very first thing I want to do in 2020 is go on another Mistress shebang! Yes as in she-bang, hubba hubba! If you’re unaware, every year the LDW Mistresses get together, in an undisclosed place, at an undisclosed time, because PRIVACY. Anyways, every time we do it we have a blast. When is our next she-bang? Well you will find out about it…… after it happens. ROFL!

2020 Housecleaning

I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning my house. It’s not a big house, however I don’t have the fucking time to deep clean anything because of life and work. So this year I would like to get a cleaning service to come out and do the job. My boy toy was nice enough to stop by last month, and rearrange my living room, vaccuum, organize my kitchen cabinets, and tidy up for me….. while wearing a pair of my panties. I would love nothing more than to keep him here naked wearing nothing but a maid apron, but he travels a lot for work and therefore is not always available. Sooooooooooo if anyone would like to send me a molly maid gift certificate to be used next year, send it to brighton@enchantrixempire.com and I can guarantee you it will go to good use! NO. You cannot come to my house and clean for me, but thanks for the offer.

Another Trip To Sedona

I went to Sedona a couple of years ago, and loved it! It was a nice digital cleanse and change of scenery being out in the desert. The juniper berries ripped my face off with allergies, but it was worth it. I’d like to stay in a air bnb rental this time… maybe do a little sight seeing. Seriously if you haven’t been to sedona it’s beautiful and there’s cactuses!!!!!! To sit on… for Mistress. LOL

Traveling In General

The next best place to home for an introvert like myself, is feeding the wanderlust monster. *looks around* Crap… I gotta check my passport!!!

Moar Sploshing!

That’s it. More sploshing phone sex. I adore it. And in 2020 you fuckers are going to fuck food for me and like it.

Advice For 2020

It’s probably the same advice I give every year. Take time for you, take care of your mental health, see a therapist, meditate, make yourself a priority. While I may joke about being batshit crazy (I totally am and I own it), I do see a therapist from time to time. In the past decade I’ve had life changes happen that walloped me over the head. I tried plowing through them and working anyway and that bit me in the ass. If you do not check your mental health you can and will crash and burn. That’s why I preach the importance of aftercare for both the sub and the dominant. Because being a dominant is draining, and being submissive can put you in a very vulnerable place. So in regards to kink, please read mistress aftercare, and make sure you have a conversation about your needs and make SURE YOU ASK your Mistress what SHE needs!

Get plenty of exercise, it is grounding. Do a deep tissue massage. It hurts like hell but it is good for releasing toxic energy, and your circulation and toxins in your muscles. Do a new years cleanse, the one blog I did on full moon cleanses is a great one for drawing out all the juju you’ve been holding onto. Buy some plants, grow a garden if and when it’s warm enough.

Also as usual, don’t be an asshole. That’s my job. It really pays to have a sense of humor in this line of work or you will burn out. And yes for those of you who don’t know, sex work is work! And that’s it! I think I’ve covered everything and if I haven’t, you guys are smart enough (I hope) to figure it out. Lots of love and light and have a great 2020! If you’d like to chat with me I’ll be available for calls tonight until 9pm and then there’s food and a bottle of bubbly that has my name on it, so I’ll be fucking off to go do that. The number is 1-800-601-6975 and just ask for Brighton.


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