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I purposely make my titles long by the way.  As some of you already know, I’m not just a femdom, I’m a fairy witch femdom! With that said… listen up chumps! I’m in rare form, feeling the moon’s energy and mooning my neighbors, so I’m going to show you all how to do full moon energy clearing tonight. And you don’t have to do anything fancy! It’s super simple I promise. Tonight is also a full moon eclipse, at midnight Eastern time, so if you can, try and get a glimpse of it, because full moon eclipse watching is fun!  Note: I did a blog about this before, but I’m doing it again, because IMPORTANT!

Full Moon Eclipse Energy Clearing

First thing first: Open your windows and let the fresh night air in, and visualize any toxic, negative energy go sailing out the open windows like a punted soccer ball. Also, you can visualize that it’s someone that really made you mad, sailing out the window. NOW.. I know you northeasters – that are getting the same weather I’m getting – are probably thinking “what the fuck??? It’s fucking freezing outside bitch!!” First of all… I’m only a bitch on Sundays… (oh fuck it’s sunday.. oh well), second… shut the fuck up and do what I tell you. Listen to the fairy witch and extend your life cycle for a few days.

Full Moon By Candlelight

Second, if you have some incense, burn it, keep at least one window open while your burning the incense, visualize this clearing your space, and making it smell good! Third, light a candle. If you don’t have a fancy schmancy altar to put it on, just place it in an open space away from anything that can catch fire. You can sit and meditate while watching the flame, think about anything you need to or want to let go of, and envision yourself releasing that energy.

Full Moon Letter Writing Campaign

Get a pencil and some paper – the pencil is important, NO PENS – and write a letter to anyone you want. It can be someone that hurt you, pissed you off, stole your last bag of cheetos. Say whatever is on your mind, to that person. ANYTHING get it all on the paper, you can curse, call them bad names, tell them how they made you feel, just get it on paper. Then… once you wrote your feelings down IN PENCIL – take the letter and burn it… Outside please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT.. I repeat, do not, burn things in the house, for obvious reasons like you don’t wanna burn your fucking house down you dumbasses. Getting that energy down on paper and then releasing it is very healing. Also, have a funny ha ha, on me: “My therapist told me… “write letters to the people you hate and burn them…” Did that… Now I don’t know what to do with the letters.”

Full Moon Eclipse Bath

Keep in mind that when I do energy clearing baths, I add a bunch of stuff to mine, but I’m going to give you the simple version. Now if you’re not the witchy, new age spiritual type, this might sound really strange, but get some himalayan pink, or kosher salt, sprinkle a liberal amount in the tub water. Then, if you have ground coffee, pour that in, too. I won’t tell you how much to put in, that’s up to you, but this will do two things: 1. clears your energy, 2. great for your skin. Obviously if you use the coffee grounds, you will need to clean out your tub afterward, and keep anything away from the coffee water that you don’t want to stain. Also for the other witchy Mistresses reading, this is great for Mistress Aftercare, to pamper yourself after a grueling day of dealing with the needs and attentions of submissives.

That’s it! You’re done and you’ve cleared your space. Now don’t worry if you cannot do this tonight, you still have a day or two to participate after the full moon, and this is not just for eclipsed moon, you can do this during any full moon, or really any time you need to cleanse your space and your energy. Wanna learn more witchy tips? Call me for some kinky witchcraft femdom! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Happy full moon!


Mistress Brighton