Christmas CBT

Mistress Brighton offers Christmas CBT therapy. 1-800-601-6975

Your nuts roasting on an open fire. My cock nipping at your nose….. doobity doo doo daaaa…. Oh hai! It’s that special time of year when I kick you in the balls, give you blue balls, and give the gift that keeps on giving: Christmas CBT. I promise you that long after the holidays are over, you will feel the pleasant tingle of my Christmas CBT handywork, and you will know Goddess Brighton aka The Christmas Fairy owns your twig and berries.

Christmas CBT

Honestly, the whole point of me offering Christmas CBT, is to help you take your mind off what a royal pain in the ass the holidays can be. Holidays are stressful, and during that time subspace is essential therapy. One good hard kick in the nuts and you won’t be thinking about Aunt Bunny’s fruitcake hockey pucks anymore. But cock and ball torment isn’t really about hurting you… okay it’s about hurting you. *snortlaugh* It’s therapeutic for the sadistic femdom, and it’s therapeutic for you, as it allows you to focus on what you feel.

Christmas CBT At Home

Cock and ball torment is a form of sensory play, where you’re tinkering with the jewels and you get to test your pain threshold. How do you know if CBT is your kink? Well, if you’ve ever seen someone get kicked in the nuts, and instead of cringing, you got a boner, congrats! You have a cbt fetish!  I mentioned nut kicking, and I want to inform you that in the same way that there are six million ways to natural selection (if you know what I mean), there are six million ways to CBT. Okay I don’t know that because I didn’t count, but it goes far beyond nut kicking!

How Do I CBT? Let Me Count The Ways

Imagine what stroking too hard for too long would feel like, remnant of coerced masturbation and coerced orgasms, once you are overstimulated, continuing to stroke a sensitive part of your body, will start to feel the opposite of good. As a matter of fact, a coerced orgasm repeatedly will have you begging to stop cumming instead of what you lot normally do… which is beg to cum all the time! I’ve expressed a sadistic iinterest in coercing someone to keep stroking long after the magic happens, because I like to see, and hear what the mind and body does, when it’s causing you pain. So yes, excessive gooning can be painful, and it’s one of my fav forms of cbt therapy.

Even More Ways To CBT

Ever humped a christmas tree naked? Those pine needles get everywhere don’t they? Oh you’ve never done that aye? Well I guess there’s a first time for everything. Why yes, I am encouraging you to mangle your twig n berries for eexmas! CBT can utilize ruined orgasms, hot & cold therapy, kitchen utensils, rug burn… you don’t need a fancy dungeon to beat your dick, you only need someone who’s warped enough to let you make sweet love to a cheese grater, while she cackles. I’d be referring to myself, here.

Panty Gag And Laundry List Of CBT Tools

I’ll explain that later, in the meantime, if you would like me to play with your genitalia and hurt you, and you’re feeling festive, call me! The number is 1-800-601-6975 ask for Goddess Brighton. If I don’t talk to you before then, have a merry Christmas, or a merry whatever you celebrate!


Mistress Brighton