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Coerced Orgasms – Overstimulation Kink And A Femdom Deviant

coerced orgasms

Coerced Orgasms from Miss Brighton? Prepare for your worst nightmare. 1-800-601-6975

I discovered over the past few um.. days, that I have an overstimulation kink. I was talking to one of the other Mistresses, who has the same kink, except for her, she’s a switch and well… we can talk about her dirty fantasy in another blog, because her fantasy is just as hot. Our conversation about coerced orgasms got me thinking, and made my nipples tingle, because I DO have a very specific fantasy involving coerced orgasms and sissies. Remember my Christmas Fairy blog? Well it involves strapons, and cruel devices. And this particular fetish of mine, is not exclusive to sissies.

Coerced Orgasms

In my particular kinky fantasy, I have a former “man” that I transform with my witchy femdom powers, into a sissy girl. Her formerly phallic apparatus is turned into her sissy clit, and her little berries and sissy clit are affixed with a remote operated device, that not only stimulates, but sends vibrations and tiny electrical impulses to her sissy twat, triggering orgasms that are continuous. In otherwords I can make the little whore cum whenever I want, and as often as I want. She could be walking down the street climaxing and no one would know what was wrong with her. Think, Hitachi wand from hell! But it doesn’t stop there. It’s no fun if Mistress isn’t getting hers!

Overstimulation And Strapon Domination

As things intensify, I decide I want to have my way with my wanton sissy, bending her over and plowing her muffin with my strapon dildo. But not just any dildo! A vibrating, male g-spot stimulating strapon made just for boi pussies! Ever wonder why God put your g-spot up your ass, guys? Personally I don’t care about the why, I’m just glad “she” has a wicked sense of humor. And so as it goes, with every pump of my strapon, along with your special clit cage, you will be cumming, repeatedly, until you either pass out or I’ve decided you had enough. Could be a dream cum true for you orgasm denial subs… YOU THOUGHT! I am unrelenting when it comes to coerced orgasms, and I am not going to take it easy on you. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not the nurturing type when it comes to sissies, and I am not your fucking mommy. I am utterly demented in what I do to, and with sissy bois, make sure you understand that before you approach me. I want to fuck you, use you, humiliate you, and make you scream my name backwards, and I will fucking own you. Think you can handle non stop sissy clit and anal orgasms at the hand of your Mistress? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton!

7 comments to Coerced Orgasms – Overstimulation Kink And A Femdom Deviant

  • OMG how hot! Reading this, Miss Brighton, I immediately thought of My socialite sissy. Actually, she’s a total little whore sexually, but she dresses and sounds just like the rich bitch she is. We fantasize together that if she were owned by Myself and Adam in the flesh, she would be punished with forced orgasms every time she was rude to a service person or her tone was too snotty–wearing nothing but her debutante pearls, elbow-length gloves, and Louboutins! *giggle*

  • Nacho

    Oh Ms. Nothgirb. Oh Ms. Nothgirb. Please let me stop so I can have my nacos. Who am I kidding. Nachos and orgasms? Yes. More. Please.
    Goes into hiding

  • You know, Ms. Brighton, you asked a very good question! Why did goddess put the male gspot up his ass? Perhaps to give his Mistress some extra fun, and him a heaping helping of humiliation. I’m with you, though, no matter the ‘why’ I’m glad it’s there! 😉

  • Empress Rayne

    Wow, Ms Brighton! So deliciously devilish! And just when those horny little sissies thought they could never get enough…you’ll show them otherwise now won’t you? I can just imagine the move…”When Orgasms Attack” 😉

    • Brighton

      Hahahahahahahahaha I just have this wicked imagery of them walking around going about their day and suddenly having an uncontrollable climax and embarrassing themselves. 😀

  • […] every drop of fluid, extracted from your greedy cock. You realize all too quickly, that having your coerced orgasms drawn from you with no control over them, may be rather excrutiating. I smile down at you as I […]

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