Switch Baiting Demon Domme

Do you think you’re in control? Switch Baiting Demon Domme says not a chance! 1-800-601-6975

Oh hai! I’m the switch baiting demon domme… Succubus Mistress, and you just called on me because you decided you need to affirm your man card. So.. you say you want me to be your submissive little slut. You’ve got plans to use me as fuckmeat and humiliate me hmm? Sure buddy, I’ll be your naughty little slut. Oh you want me on my knees? Oooh okay yeah sure pal that’s fuckin hot.. so you want me on my knees.. down here… just.. like… this???

Switch Baiting Demon Domme

I kneel, with a feral grin on my face, as you stiffen your back and tell me JUST how things are gonna go. Mhm.. cuz you’re the man in charge! Then you undo your belt buckle, wrapping the buckle end around your hand and giving it a quick wave in the air. Oh holy fuck! A real man! With a real belt! Hey is that naugahyde? Oh sorry you were serious… Yeah ok um… Master??? I stifle a giggle watching you fumble with your zipper. Roger that uh… master… you’re gonna teach me a lesson! Yeah!

You Want Me To Put My Tongue Where???

Turning around, you give me a great view of your ass, and tell me to crawl over to you and serve my *SNORTLAUGH* new master *gigglesnortguffaw* “Yes Sir!” I chirp happily, crawling over to you. You feel something long and wet, slip between your cheeks. I hear you groan loudly and snicker to myself. My laughter throws you off focusing on getting your ass licked. My voice a little to close to your ear, for me to be possibly doing what you ordered me to do. “What the he-” You turn and see me standing upright and grinning from ear to ear.

Demon Domme

Do You Like The Analingus… Master?

You can still feel something wiggling in your asscrack. Suddenly it slips inside you and grows in length and girth. You try to turn around but I grab your shoulders and push you down forcfully. “What the fuck is that???!!!” you yell. I cackle and give you one hard thrust, my claws raking across your back. “That….” I begin, “is what I’m going to fuck you with… you ignorant fuckface!” Sure, the neighbors can hear you screaming from 3 houses down, but your neighbors don’t like you, and neither do I, which is why I’m going to enjoy giving you demon dick and then making you my sissy slave. I finish you off with a very humiliating cum eating task, that you complete although not entirely of your own will.

Meanwhile Back At The Office

You return to work the next day, looking like something ran you over, and waddling like something ran into you. Exiting the elevators, you reach the front desk, and see a familiar face. “Good morning,” she says sweetly. Your knees buckle, and you rush into your office and lock the door. Switch baiting is a really fun way to implement a plot twist, like the story? Wanna know how it ends, or where you begin? Call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Goddess Brighton. Bring lube…


Mistress Brighton