cum addiction therapy

Miss Brighton gets you cum drunk with cum addiction therapy. 1-800-601-6975

Being on second life, I’ve discovered that cum addictions and many variants of cum eating fantasies, exist and thrive in the virtual world. There are cum eating mantras, meditations, and even virtual cum addiction apps in world that you can play with and set up to addict submissives to cum like crack addicts. So I thought to myself, self, why not start offering cum addiction therapy?

Cum Addiction Therapy

Of course, cum addiction therapy would involve implementing cum eating. Whether the cum is your own or someone else’s. Therapy would include cum eating and cum addiction meditations where you are guided and coerced to eat, slurp, drink all the sperm you can get into your slutty cum whore mouth. Now, if you’re on second life, we can take this a level deeper. Where I have you attach an addiction hud. I become your cum supplier femdom extraordinaire – but here’s the catch: With every dose of spunk you get, you become more and more hungry for cum, until it’s all you can think about. The app has a timer and tracks your level of addiction. When your time runs out, you start having actual symptoms! Pretty cool right? *cackling*

Evil Cum Addiction Therapy

Of course being the little she-demon succubus that I am, I will more than likely encourage you to drink your cummies in several rather mischievous ways. Planting the seed, so to speak. And that’s all you’ll be able to think about…. SEED. Cum addiction therapy is perfect for cum eaters, sissies, female submissives, or anyone who wants the mindfuck of being transformed into a brainwashed cum drunk slut for Mistress. Think you’re ready to begin your addiction? Contact me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton! And if you’d like to get the full virtual cum addiction experience, click here to find out how to join us on SL, at Enchantrix Empire.