Scorpio Season

It’s scorpio season and you can celebrate Miss Brighton’s birthday! 1-800-601-6975

Holy fuckwads, I’ve lived another fucking year man! And since I’m a late fall birthday, that means that all the good stuff is coming. You just celebrated Halloween with the Enchantrix Ladies, and now comes the colder weather, thanksgiving, turkey fucking, christmas, new years… Did I mention turkey fucking? In the midst of all of this, my birthday is on wednesday! Want to help me celebrate? You can do so all month long and THIS week if you call you can get 5 free minutes added to your call. But ONLY if you read and mention this blog. Keep reading!

Scorpio Season Is For Femdom Debauchery

Scorpios make great Dommes, if you can keep up with us. Me I like to have fun while I’m busting your ass, and since it’s NO-vember, I am considering denying everyone until December 1st, and possibly making subs fuck turkeys all month long… but anyways back to me. Once this is posted just mention the blog to dispatch and you get a one time only 5 free minutes added to your call. That’s my THANK YOU for sticking around and being here with me for yet another year. You must really really like hanging around a raving mad lunatic. *snortlaugh*

NO-vember Edge And Denial

November is also for orgasm denial and that means I get to edge, and edge, and edge you, until you’re begging and offering your soul for release… which I will gladly take, ha! Want your nutty stroke Mistress to own your cock? Of course you do! And I will laugh while I’m doing it. You wanna know what else is fun during NO-vember? Doing everything except letting you cum. Yep, that means you get to entertain your mistress while I continue to deny you. Best way to entertain me? Why humiliation phone sex of course!

Humiliation Phone Sex With The Scorpion Mistress

Femdom humiliation for me is about making you do really outlandish acts, laughing about you and at you whilst doing, laughing some more, stomach hurting from laughing so hard, and then once I recover making you do it all over again. Annnd periodically reminding you about the time you fucked a rotisserie chicken, came in it, and then ate it, all in the name of our Lordess Brighton. Yeah, I have a thing for blasphemy phonesex too. Plus, I look super hot in a nun’s habit. But it’s what’s UNDER my gown that makes it so special.

Birthday Presents For Mistress

If you’re worried about any bday gifts getting to me on time, since like…. it’s two days from now, never fear! The fastest and easiest ways to gift me are 1. Amazon gift cards. or 2. Virtual bouquets via dispatch. You are welcome to send physical gifts from my amazon wishlist to the LDW office address, and it’s okay if I get them after my birthday. To be honest I had a lot of real life shenanigans, so I did not get this blog posted nearly as early as I wanted. And remember, tributes and gifts are always welcome, and I enjoy being spoiled, but I never ever want you to feel like you are required to do that. We are not “that” sort of domination service… not that anything is wrong with it, but I am just putting it out there. You can also gift me with the sound of you slapping your balls during a phone session. Or a sploshing session where you fuck a cake for me. I enjoy interacting with you, just as much as I enjoy being spoiled.

Party Time

If you’re ready to party with the birthday Mistress, call me now! 1-800-601-6975 ask for Brighton and don’t forget to redeem your free five minutes when you call. Offer is good until midnight November 9th.


Mistress Brighton