Orgasm Denial meditation

Orgasm Denial Mediation with the Goddess of mindfuck, Miss Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Picture this: Mistress slipping inside your head and implanting an orgasm denial meditation, that in your awakened state, you are oblivious to. You can’t quite put your finger on what’s happening, but as much as you need to stroke, you can never ever seem to cum. As time passes you become more and more needy and docile, and that’s exactly what your Mistress wants. Welcome to Miss Brighton’s world of erotic meditation

Orgasm Denial Meditation Mindfuck

The more you stroke, the further away your orgasm gets. And pretty soon, you don’t even care that you can’t find release, because it feels so good to be a mindless gooning slut. Your focus becomes non stop edging. Even when you’re at work you slip away to find time to edge that cock. You would do anything just to feel the pleasure of jerking off, but no cumming.

Erotic Teasing Denial

So gooner, are you wondering how you ended up at this point? Why when your Mistress gives you a command you blindly obey? You’ve been programmed to be her mindfucked drone, that’s why. And you know that if you do as Mistress says, she will reward you by allowing you to stroke. Who cares if you never get to cum? Good boys don’t ever cum. Good boys obey, and stroke, and do what Mistress tells them to.

Orgasm Denial Programming

Are you ready, goon slut? You can show me how ready you are, by calling 1-800-601-6975 and asking for Brighton. Once connected, simply say “please program me” and your mindfucking orgasm denial will begin.

Note: I am travelling this week, and may have limited connection. So if you’d like a session, email or skype msg first to make sure I am available to conduct your training.

Other sidenote (totally unrelated to your denial): I went from a balmy 45 degrees to a “hotter than satans balls” 99 degrees! I’m not complaining, the cocktails servers are super cute.