masturbation month

May is Masturbation month and Miss Brighton has a plan for you to jerk off. 1-800-601-6975

Why yes, it is mental health awareness month too. Which means you can jerk off and get your head checked all in the same month! Isn’t that wonderful? Not… that you can’t get your head checked any other time, but outside of May, you don’t have my permission to jerk off, let alone cum.

Masturbation Month

Masturbation month is all about the fap! You my stroke it, you may jerk it, you may stick it in a pie. But the question is, will you get to cum? Hmmm… I guess that depends on how good a mood your Mistress is in! I do believe in being somewhat generous during masturbation May. Which means you might get cummies, but there is a price to such a privilege. You’ll probably have to do something humiliating in exchange for release, and there will be A LOT of edging, and begging involved.

Stroke For Masturbation May

What will Mistress Brighton make you do for masturbation month? Knowing me I’ll probably improvise, chances are I’ll make you fuck food. Very high chance of you jerking off into a pair of panties. Even higher chance that I will coach you to eat your masturbatory load. It’s no fun if you don’t get your protein!! So don’t be shy, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Let’s celebrate masturbation month, together!


Mistress Brighton