Guided Masturbation and JOI Instructions with Mistress Brighton (800) 601-6975

Guided Masturbation and JOI Instructions with Mistress Brighton (800) 601-6975

Some of my fondest memories are my initial experiences with masturbation and how – at that time – it opened up a whole new world to me. I have received a lot of inquiries from men, regarding all things masturbation. Some want to know how I feel about it; others want to know if I like it on a more personal level. And of course I get questions about my own masturbatory techniques, and curiosities about what my “first time” touching myself, was like.

My Introduction To Masturbation

I remember it well, only because when I was growing up, I was always curious about sex, and it was never seen as anything shameful to me. This might sound funny, but my first experience masturbating, was with a pillow. I would sit up on my bed, on my knees, pillow between my legs, and grind against it. I didn’t wear panties to bed, so that part was easy. The first couple of times I did it, it felt really good, but I didn’t cum. I would just enjoy the sensation of my lips and clit, rubbing against the fabric of the pillow.

My First Orgasm

To be clear, I am not really sure what prompted me; whether it was something I read or something I watched. I used to read a lot of erotica, and still do. But I also used to watch late night skinemax, so I’m sure something I saw on the telly, sent me racing to my bedroom for some alone time.

All I know, is that I slipped out of my shorts and panties, straddled that pillow, and started rubbing myself against it quite enthusiastically. I remember my clit feeling engorged and much more sensitive than normal, and it felt so good that I kept going. Then there was what I can only describe as a white hot flash the surged all through my body as my pussy spasmed. I might have screamed, or made some other surprised noise at the sensation, and then collapsed on my bed, pillow still between my legs – along with a very prominent wet spot – and fell fast asleep.

Experimenting With My Pleasure

After that first mind blowing orgasm, I knew I was onto something, and began experimenting with my hands. I figured out what worked for me, and what really got my motor running, nipples hard, cheeks flushed. But pillow humping was always my go to, when nothing else would do. Still is to this day. From that point forward, I found that I also enjoyed watching other people cum, both men and women, and mutual masturbation.

Watching a man stroke for me, and – if he’s not an orgasm denial slave – watching him cum, during a JOI session, is one of my absolute favorite activities. For me, it’s all about not just seeing their pleasure, but hearing it. I like the sound of them stroking, the facial expressions, the sounds of their moans, whimpers, and wails as they shoot off and the fireworks happen. Keep this in mind when you call me for, guided masturbation, and teasing. I’d love to chat with you about your pleasure, as well as answer any questions you might have about mine, and all the many other things that get me off.

Until next time…

Your Enchantrix Tease Mistress Brighton